„Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor“

Prior to begin discussing the movie “The Hunger Games” I’ll just say that I’m going to concentrate only on mv5bmja4ndg3nzyxmf5bml5banbnxkftztcwntgynzkynw__v1_sy1000_cr006741000_al_the movie since I haven’t read the book series. However, the story of this film, the world we are shown are quite schocking. I just hope we won’t be facing exact kind of life anytime soon or at all. But you can’t argue that things showed in this movie fits to our societies as well. Sadly.

Hunger games not fun way to play

The phenomenon of hunger games itself reminds me of a game board, toys and imagination compilation – all things that kids use to create their game, which develops each time differently. In hunger games instead of a toys, humans are used (a couple is chosen from every District – I don’t know why, but all this system reminds of SS youth divisions organization), but all the other things remain: especially the ability to turn events in a way it is needed. It’s pretty much the same old story – rich ones play their own dirty games using poor ones, as if they were simple toys (that’s pretty much what is sung in Guns N’ Roses song “Civil war”: It feeds the rich while it buries the poor. Sure, it’s about civil war, but the context fits). It always was like this and I suppose it will always be like that, no matter what they say: “We care about the poor ones”, “We want to help them”, etc. And then hunger games becomes an annual death/killing game and they are thought to be a gratitude and remembrance of a past rebellion, something that keeps society better, healthier. I mean, how fun it is to play such kind of game, even though people are facing actual lack of of food, water? On the other hand, at this point “The Hunger Games” aren’t so science fictional, surreal or pseudo futurustic world thing, because in the real world the same things are happening and what is shown in the movie can be understood as a metaphor of real things. Look at what’s going on in most of the countries – do politicians care about regular people, who aren’t able to buy food, because they have no job or can’t get a descent salary. But sure, politicians make a decision to intrude other countries, buy super-extremely expensive millitary equipment, waste big money here and there, everyvhere they want to. It’s like they actually are playing some sort of hunger games with their own citizens. And it’s equaly cruel.

Family matters

However in this movie, we can observe that even in this kind of situation family ties remain. And I would say a very strong ties, especially this interesting feeling of responsibility that an older sibling experiences over the younger one. I’m talking about Katniss’s sense of responsibility over her little sister Primrose. Where does this feeling come from? How? I mean, older kids didn’t chooce to be born first, it just jennifer_lawrence_as_katniss-widehappened. But how do they become so responsible, so protective over the youngsters? Is it a natural thing that olders feel they have to take care of younger ones? Or maybe it is a result of a upbringing process? These questions interest me, because not always older siblings are so responsible and protective as Katniss. Furthermore, how about youngers? Why is it so rare to see in the movies a younger (not necesarilly kid) sibling being responsible over an older one? Huh? Good thing to think about.

TV might drive crazy in both real and fictional worlds

Another point – TV shows. I liked that a point that the show will be watched until the majority keeps doing it, and if several people stops watching it nothing will change. That fits for all  those horrible TV shows – they will exist, until they’ll be watched. It’s a sad reality. And this point is especially relevant, talking about todays TV industry, which seeks to fulfil the niche of entertainment and will show probably everything that can entertain (I don’t know what’s so entertaining watching kids killing kids, but in the movie it semms to be normal, a feature of normal society. Really, really doubt that). And who knows how long will it take to see on TV something like actual “The Hunger Games”? Plus, certain regimes, or political ideologies, directions influence a lot on what TV says and shows to us, it can become a huge brainwashing machine. For example, how our life can be created through televisions? One way, is to show only the good news, say that our life is great, everything is great, bad things are happening somewhere far far way (that’s pretty much what Soviet TV was about). Other way, is to be real, talk about bad stuff, difficult stuff and say it’s all for the better.

Shortly about movie characters

The Hunger Games: The Official Illustrated Movie CompanionLet’s get back to the movie. I must say I really loved Woody Harrelson’s character Haymitch Abernathy. I think Woody did a really good job there and created a very interesting, charismatic character. It was a joy to look at him, I wish his role could be bigger. I also wish that Lenny Kravitz’s role of cinna_thgeCinna could be bigger, because he also did a very nice job. I mean, I knew him as a singer, musician whom I very like, and I didn’t expect that he’s a good actor too.

What can I say about Katniss’s character? I don’t think that I got a chance (in this part) to know it well enough. She seems to be difficult, but that’s not enough so I could discuss her. The only thing I really liked about her was the fact that she remained herself throughout the film, which paid of for her, however, she changed at the very end and I did not like that. But, on the other hand, she was a victim of circumstances, so that explains her transition.

At the end shortly about few things:

  • Notification about fallen is presentented very ceremonially. Seriously? There’s nothing to be proud about.
  • When a person has to fight for his survival the most cruel and primitive insticts are born inside him. Probably true, because a wish to live is stronger than any moral values at that time. It’s bad thing, but understandible.
  • But sometimes people remain compassionate under the most cruel circumstances. That’s also true, human do have that ability to be compassionate, without that every war that our humanity faced would have been even more bloody.
  • If people are simple, less talented they do not deserve to live? It’s a harsh thing to point  in a movie, however it just shows the evil hidden in our real societies.
  • Capitol District – rich, main one; other Districts are poor. This reminds about colonial times, when one country is the center and it’s colonies are the periphery ruled by center.

P.S. watch the video below 😉