We want ABBA!

I don‘t know any person who wouldn‘t know the Swedish pop band called ABBA. People might not be familiar with their music (though at least one song they should know), but  they must have heard the name of the band – ABBA. So today I‘m discussing „ABBA: The Movie“. Though it is more of a concert than a film (actually, at this point I don‘t know which is right: a film interrupted with concert, or concert interrupted with the film that introduces us to some facts from the band‘s biography), but it has a descent plotline – a radio journalist (or as it was called in the film disc jockey) had to cover up the biggest music stars of that time, because it meant a lot to make an interview with such a huge stars (well, it is still a big deal today too) and it takes place in Australia (just to show us how huge this band was / is).

Looking back at the band that reached its peak back in 1970s it is crazy to realize all this psychosis over them. I mean it‘s huge, it‘s insane. It‘s fascinating how easily a pop band from Sweden could take over the entire world. What oh what made them SOOO phenomenal? ABBA – four people that made beautiful, melodic music. People who spread actual happiness, joy and excitement with and through their music. Superstars – without any kind of doubt. Sincerity of their songs made them superstars.

Looking at them performing you get this nice and warm feeling. I can‘t explain neither why or how this feeling rises up. There‘s something bright and warm about them. I also feel nostalgic when I hear them sing. Though I don‘t know why, because I was born long after they‘ve split. They had so much to give to the people and they did. Maybe they did it too fast, that‘s why it lasted not that long. Actually, I can‘t even imagine them still going on, performing all together, singing all these energetic songs. I mean, that could have happened, I just don‘t imagine it. Can‘t imagine it.

Today, this film is a great chance to hear, see and enjoy those beautiful songs by ABBA that are loved by millions of people all over the world up to this day. Plus, can‘t go on without mentioning that markerwise ABBA machine functioned extremely well and it still does work successfully. Watching in this film all this merchandising insanity makes me think these guys must have had great people at marketing. Anyway, this film gives us – born so much later than 1970s, 1980s and beyond see how it all was used to be: preparing  for a huge shows back in the day. Those were the great days 🙂

Loved to see the difficulties of a journalist‘s job back in a day. I don‘t say it is an easy job today, but face it, back then it was so much harder, these reel-to-reel tape recorders – my God… No mobile phones, laptops, internet, travelling difficulties – the main character always late to take an interview and he can‘t contact no one to make an appointment and poor guy chases the band for the week. Insane. Not to mention that this job is really intense and dynamic: all these deadlines,idifficult interviews, people… Today it as actually even more intense and dynamic (despite all this technological superiority) due to enormous amount of information that comes and changes so fastly. But eventually the main character wins. Yay!

What to say at the end? I‘ll just end with the words of one of ABBA‘s songs, because they fit here the most: „Thank you, ABBA, for the music, songs you sang and thank you for all the joy you brought to us. Thank you for your music, for giving it to us“.


Moving on with Millenium film series

After finishing discussing Millenium book trilogy it is about time to go on discussing these film series. I‘ve already made a post about the first film, so it‘s time to make one about the second one – „The Girl who played with Fire“.

I talked a lot about Lisbeth‘s traumatic past (which is introduced to us) and in this film we are visually, though partly introduced with it. Her traumatic memories keep chasing her, moreover, they came back involving her into things she didn‘t do. So, the film is full of tension. And this is awesome, because it makes you want to proceed watching it. This tension and all these secrets that keep arising hypnotize you untill the film ends. That‘s a good thing for a movie. Plus, in my opinion, this part of Millenium film series corresponds the most to the thriller detective genre of all.

This time we are introduced with even darker side of Lisbeth both visually and mentally. She doesn‘t speak much, but makes certain (in a while violent) actions. She‘s concentrated, outrageous girl determined to work things out in her way and seek for truth and revenge. Though, darkness is only one side of Lisbeth. She also has a bright one, a sensitive one and we are introduced with this side of hers when we see how she‘s taking care of Palmgren.

We are also introduced with new characters who don‘t take much part in the film, however, they bring up some new storylines like prostitution and human trafficking in Sweden, sex trafficking that are the key to the main story – Lisbeth‘s story. Moreover, these issues are important (more or less) for everyone, because these happen in every country whether we know of it or not: violence against women, sexual abuse both of women and children, the fact how women and kids have to live with these situations and traumas, unable to fight against it. And the worst thing is when these things are covered up or not solved on a governmental level.

Another one horrible aspect of life shown in this films is terrible father-daughter relationship. It‘s insane how father treates his daughter and daughter treats her father. And the way truth is revealed is even more terrible. Not to mention seeing someone being burried alive.

Shortly getting back to Scandinavian cinematography subject I must say that Scandinavians are not only easily showing sex scenes, but they are OK with lesbian sex scenes. Not that I‘m pro or against it it‘s just my observation comparing to, let‘s say, American films, especially with those for the masses. Some how Scandinavian movie creators are open to these scenes, not afraid to show them. I don‘t know why is it so, it just is.

Another thing I‘d like to mention is the language of this movie. It‘s Swedish. And Swedish language seem to sound really calmly, without huge emotions. It‘s nice when you can listen to dialogues (you don‘t understand) on a calm notes, even though something really dramatic or intense is going on.

What amazes me watching movies is how characters description, his features written in a book come alive in the film and colors up the story. In this case it was really obvious. I mean it is fascinating how a selected person (actor or actress) even more colors the story with his physical appearance, advantages and maybe disadvantages of their look. Actually, I liked that actors (the characters they play) look completely non – glamorous. They look like regular people: me, you. And we are watching the story that happened to regular people. In general, I like that the film is made in a very subtle, ascetic way, economic way if you want to call it. But it does not worsen the narration of a given story.

The one problem with this film is the fact that certain things are happening way too fast. I did not like that. Some things are absent from the film at all. Like the biggest part of beginning (that we could read in the book) is absent. Sadly, because there were few interesting thigs that could appear in the film.



Last week I (as the rest of the world) found out that Michael Nyqvist, actor who played Mikael Blomkvist in Millenium series, has passed. It was a very sad news. It is always sad to hear that someone has died. It’s even sadder that  he had to fight this terrible disease – cancer. He was trully a good actor, talented actor whose journey ended way too soon.




Where did human kindness go?

MV5BMTlmMTMyYmQtZGYyYi00N2RhLTk5NWYtOWQ0MjlmMzEwZTQ4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzQzNDc4NTQ@__V1_SY1000_CR0,0,666,1000_AL_I realise now isn’t the right time to discuss New Year themed movies (because it’s summer), but when is the right time? For me, the whole time from Christmas up untill New Year is in some way magical, when people tend to be better, or I tend to see them that way. We keep listening these nice Christmas songs, watching Christmas/ New Year movies. One I’ve just re-watched few days ago. Why did I do so in the middle of summer? No idea. But I liked it, yet it saddened me. Why? Because of what we are, of how behave with each other… But about everything from the beginning.

So, the movie I’ve watched was this russian New Years comedy „Yolki 3“ (Ёлки 3). (There are first two parts „Yolki“, „Yolki 2“, then there’s „Yolki 1914“ (the action took place obviouslyin 1914) and „Elki lokhmatye“ (the story of two dogs home alone). First of all, I should say that this isn’t only comedy, but a beautiful collection of stories about regular people that will make you drop some tears or even cry. Stories about different people who got connected through the „Boomerang of kindness“ (a theory that if you’ll do something kind to someone, not necesarilly someone you know, kindness will get back to you as a boomerang). There was a few storylines, but for me the most memorables where about an old man, dogs and of course, about the kindness in general.

About the old man.

Nikolai Petrovich is a lonely widowed man. His young neighbour Vika was on her way to fly



to London to meet her boyfriend, but she was asked to come home, because other neighbour was worried about Nikolai Petrovitch: no one has seen him for while, so they thought something must’ve happened. Everything was fine. Except, it was New Years Eve, he was alone decorating his Christmas tree. Turns out, decorating Christmas tree was a very special ritual for him, as every Christmas tree decoration had a special meaning, related with his wife. And accidentally he broke one of the decorations: the one he bought for his and his wifes first New Year.

Seems nothing special. But then he shows Vika another decoration: Lovebirds and says when one dies, another dies from saddness. He meant himself and his wife. He was dying from saddness. Why did it touch me? I think because I don’t know such people, who would feel about their other halfs that way. Maybe because there are no such people, or, maybe because there are no such feelings. Or maybe, because we are so closed, wearing masks, afraid to show how we feel about someone, because we think it’s embarrasing, or that our openess might cause us some damage. But when we lose somoene, we regret about not having told them about our feelings. Ain’t that sad? Ain’t that said that being kind and sincere nowadays is incovenient, especially if it doesn’t pay off?

About the dogs.


Loved this storyline. Loved that animals, specifically dogs (known for their loyalty) were chosen to show us – humans that we are no better than a dog. Why? Because when Yoko (a pure breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) was taken to London to meet her pure breed „boyfriend”, her „true love“ Pirate ( a simple breedless, yard-keeper) manged to go to London on her own to find her. It was shown that even a dog is ready to fight for something that is special to him (in this case love). Dogs were portrayed with all these qualities that humans pretty often lack. Continue reading

Teenage life

Once, we’ve all been a teenager. For some it was one of the most beautiful, happiest, adventurous periods of life. For some it was a time full of horror and disappointments. And there’s nothing you can do about it. But other’s find the way youthto make it better. Yes, they find the way to change their teenage life for the better. On some level, movie “Youth in revolt” is exactly about that.

Somehow, in a certain period of adolescence, the biggest issue becomes sex. Yes, boys and girls are growing up, mature, and the hormones start to wild. But that’s not what I’m trying to say. I’ll explain my thoughts using this movie as example.

Not all teenagers are popular at schools, not all teenagers are successful at things like sports, not all teenagers are venturesome. Some are shy, calm, closed personalities. it’s not bad, we all are different. But those teenagers, who aren’t shy, try new things way faster than the other ones. So, the main character Nick (Michael Cera), who is shy, is really obsessed about sex and how to loose his virginity. So, let’s stop here and take a look why sex becomes an issue here.

For shy people it is harder to find a girlfriend/boyfriend. And then your hormones makes you to want have sex. And there also seems that everyone around you are having sex: mom with her new boyfriend, dad with his way younger girlfriend in a bikini, people at school ( these are examples taken from the movie). So, it seems like you MUST do it too, because everybody are doing it. Really?

Sure, if you really want it and you feel, that you’re ready. Nope, if none of the mentioned in the last sentence is exists. I mean it’s like, if everyone is jumping from the bridge to kill themselves, it doesn’t mean you have to do it. Same thing works for sex. What’s the point of loosing virginity when you’re not ready, disappointing in it, just because someone said it’s a must to do it at certain age?

Let’s get back to Nick.  Nick finally meets a girl, that he really likes – Sheeni (Portia Doubleday). And somewhere around this part of the movie, happens something… strange. Nick creates his “Other Me” – François Dillinger. A completely revoltopposite personality to Nick. I don’t know why this idea was taken, it’s weird.

OK, having another you, or double life isn’t a rare thing. But I don’t know what’s cool about stealing a car, setting restaurant on fire, just to get back to the girl you love? Especially when all those things does you other you, but not you?

Sure, maybe creators thought that it’s pretty awesome to show how teenagers try to become coller than they really are, so they they could do certain things. I don’t know. Somewhy I did not like this idea. Honestly, I didn’t really like the entire movie. I felt the lack of vitality in the main character. Sure, you can play a looser, but why does he have to be so spiritless? It’s like, it’s hard for him to talk, to walk, to be around his family, but it’s OK for him to please himself at night.

But I’ll be nice and I will mention a few good things about the movie.

1. Actors. The cast was pretty cool: Ray Liotta, Zach Galifianakis, Rooney Mara, Steve Buscemi. I can’t say anything bad about these guys as an actors.

2. Critical reviews. I’ve read some reviews about this film on the Interenet, just out of curiosity. And you know, they were actually pretty good. Some say that the movie is fantastic, some say that its jokes are very intellectual.

So, the fact that Ididn’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s a bad film. The problem might be in me, Maybe I’m not smart enough to understand the greatness of this movie. But I am who I am. I can’t pretend this is the best movie I’ve ever seen or that I liked it. I didn’t. That’s the true. And another true thing is, that I don’t know what else I could say about “Yoth in revolt”. So, I’ll just stop writing and end up this post :).

The magic of Christmas

Christmas is finally here! I don’t know why, but for me Christmas holiday becomes more and more beautiful, as I get older. Christmas time is such a wonderful time, when everyone around you are becoming ( or at least trying to become) better. Yeah, I love Christmas.

beautiful-beautiful-snow-christmas-lights-trees-winter-Favim.com-46776_largeFrom the beginning of December I start to think about Christmas, though it’s pretty early. Then I wait for all the shops and supermarkets to start decorating its exterior and interior. Even though, each year those decorations remain exactly the same, I still wait for them. You just wait for these things, even despite the fact that after three weeks you might be sick and tired from them. But you keep waiting… Maybe, there will be something different this year.

Maybe this whole waiting thing is something from childhood. You know when we used to wait for Santa Claus and presents. Maybe…But hey, it’s still nice.

I don’t know how about the rest of you, but I personally can’t imagine my Christmas without snow. Snow is like a vital need, especially on Christmas. When there’s a lot of snow outside it looks oh so magical, just like a fairy tale came true! And when you go out in the city, where you you can see all these Christmas lights shining… It’s hard to describe the feeling. Magical, truly magical.

Snow is a like a decoration that Mother Nature gives us not only for the holidays, but on holiday time it is especially noticeable. So the more snow on Christmas, the better! Speaking about the snow, one more thing is appreciated. christmas-lights-snow-winter-Favim.com-281323When the evening comes, it is so romantic and beautiful just sit by the window and watch how the snow is gently falling down. This is like the best picture of all the winter season. Continue reading