Return to the family

Yes, sometimes people do return to their families. There are different reasons why they got away from it and there are different reasons why they get back. I think most of you will agree that abandoning family for whatever reasons isn‘t right (the same way it isn‘t right for a family to abadon one of its members), however, sadly these things happen. The light comedy „Welcome home Roscoe Jenkins“ is a very teaching movie, showing that people don‘t have anything more precious than their families.

Roscoe Jenkins is a TV persona, rich and famous who is engaged to a reality show winner, he has a son. He turned his unsuccessful past into motivational movement. He thinks that success is having as much money and being able to buy anything you want, and that money can replace attention. Roscoe is kind of estranged from his family and he estranged his son – Jamal from his family too. It‘s sad because the boy needs family, he needs his grandparents not be or feel alone. And it shows us that family support is vital for each one of us even though sometimes we deny it.

As Roscoe comes to visit his family for his parent‘s anniverssary he faces the nightmare from his past – cousin Clyde who used to beat Roscoe at everything. Moreover, Clyde comes with Lucinda former love interest of Roscoe. What is more, Roscoe again faces all this humiliation he used to face back in the days when everybody used to tease him and make fun of him and all this makes him feel apart from the family again. He again feels like his family, especially dad, loves more Clyde than their own son. And again this competing relationship between Roscoe and Clyde arise even though they both are adults who could simply talk things through. But no, they prefer to crazy race and see who wins. They behave as children.

Roscoe felt this kind of vexation for entire of his life. And once he decided to spill it all out to his father. I think he did the right thing, you can‘t hold these things inside yourself. But the way he said it and under what circumstances wasn‘t right. It all just hurt his dad. It‘s difficult.

Roscoe‘s fiancee Bianca only makes him more estranged from his family and self observed. She only cares about fame and ratings. Not about Roscoe or his son, or their well being. Even when Roscoe starts again competeting with his cousin she insits on winning no matter what (even giving up helping his son which was so awful for a father to do). She wasn‘t the woman who could bring the family together, she was the one who would break family apart. Plus, this Bianca character is so hysterical and annoying.

However, her character shows greatly how people misunderstand marriage. They think that marriage is the same thing as wedding. Or that the bigger and fancier the wedding is the better marriage will be. Marriage is not wedding and the amount of money you spend on a wedding does not guarantee you a happy marriage.

So, big families can be both fun and embarassing at times. It‘s not bad it‘s just the way things are when family consists of lots of people. That‘s how I see it because I come not from a big family. But despite all that, when you love your family there is nothing you couldn‘t do for it.

The film was both funny (there were so many those akward moments) and sad, touching, making you overthink certain things about yourself, your family and how you treat it. However, what made this film really funny was Roscoe‘s sister Betty (Mo’Nique)- she was so hilarious and of course Roscoe (Martin Lawrence).

Tarzan story – not what I’ve expected

Recently I‘ve read a book called „Tarzan Triumphant“ by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I was so excited and looking forward for this. You know, it‘s Tarzan. Everyone knows Tarzan, he‘s such an iconic character. And I thought it was going to be super exciting book to read. However, it turned out to be quite the opposite. For me it wasn‘t neither interesting nor fun to read this book. It was quite boring and lucky me it wasn‘t long.

I‘m still quite confused how come this book turned out to be so boring. I don‘t know what and why it went wrong. I feel really disappointed. I mean after I‘ve read thebook I looked for some reviews about it and I found out that there was lots of people who loved the book. Then I started to think that there‘s probably was something wrong with me since I didn‘t like it. But I can‘t come up with anything. I mean, the book was written good, the style was good then how come I found it boring? Probably it is the case of those unexplainable things that just happen. No explanations.

What can I tell you about this book? Probably not much. I don‘t think it would be interesting if I would retell the story because you can do it yourself on the internet. Yet, there‘s nothing much different I could tell you.

The one thing that I liked about this book was very different characters involved in the story. It was interesting that they got together in this story because at first glance they all were from different worlds.

I‘m not going to keep you busy by reading my post this time (well, because there‘s nothing to read). I‘ve just shared what I‘ve thought and felt about this particular book. I feel badly that there‘s nothing I can say about it but sometimes when you read something these things happen. You either like the book or not. This time I didn‘t.

Here at NASA weall pee the same color

To title my post like that is probably pretty harsh, however, it makes sense to have such title. Why? You‘ll see why as I will discuss gorgeous story that is based on true facts. And this story is called „Hidden figures“.

This is a story of three super smart women, three friends that found their way in NASA: Katherine Goble  Mary Jackson  Dorothy Vaughan who worked at NASA (and how NASA worked in those days) in 1960s (though I didn‘t know about these three women nothing at all). The story is covered with unbelievable smartness and huge racial discrimination that America and Americans were about to fight over. The film shows all the best and worst that people had. How they treated black people in a worst way, and how they treated them as equals.

But let’s talk about one thing at the time. First, Katherine as achild. Since her very young age she was much smarter than other kids. Luckily, her skills and talent for mathematics were noticed and she got the chance to develop these skills. It is so important to notice for what a child has skills, talent and give him or her all possibilities to grow in that direction and develop. I loved that Katherine eventually got successful not only in her professional life but in personal as well.

I didn‘t actually understand Mary‘s husband. A husband that holds his wife back, preventing her from reaching out for something. I understand that he had his own opinion about white people‘s attitude towards black women reaching for a position at work. But still if she decided to do that – support her for God‘s sake.

This film is also the great example of how it was for black people to live back in the day. It didn‘t matter that you could be educated, smarter, more talented you still couldn‘t reach for more just because your skin was black. It was so unfair and so not right. The sizes of racial discrimination and segregation were massive. Black people had to work separately from white people. All the places for black people were titled as „for colored“. You can use toilet only that is for the „colored“ones. And how a person can work when the „right“ people treat them in worst possible way? But I loved the toilet scene (and court secene too. In fact, these two scenes are my favourite ones). And how Hariss solved the problem. I beliebve that in real world there were man like him, but maybe not enough since black people had to go through all that humiliation and hate for such a long time.

And racial discrimination wasn‘t the only kind of discrimination of those times. People were treated unequally because of their sex and other things too; plenty of examples how people were treated back in 60s. It is all so unfair and sad. And all this was happening in the USA such a progressive, tolerant country.

It was very funny to watch (from today‘s perspective) this constant space race between USA and USSR. Sure, this race lead to major victories but if this entire energy of trying to win over one other would have been directed into collaboration between two biggest countries, maybe there would have been more majectic victories. However, this race was too ideologically empowered on both sides so any kind of collaboration was impossible. Yet, the race wasn‘t the only riddiculous thing showed in this movie. There was also this massive fear of communism. I‘m not sure that the actual threat of comunism was that big as it was proclaimed it was. I think there was created this mythical demon to control people and hide inner problems from the society. And yet, it is horrible how badly people were brainwashed (and it can be reffered to both sides).

You have no idea how impressed I am now with what these three women did and achieved. I admire their skills and sharp mind they had. Its amazing how smart these women were: they proved that machines (no matter how great they are) are only machines and they can‘t replace people or be better than human. These are the women we should admire and be inspired by. They did make a difference, they did reach for marvelous results in science, they did change the world, however, it is sad to acknowledge that a decent amount of time they were treated horribly simply because of their race. But they were lucky to have each other in their lives who were there for each one of them no matter what. It is very important to have such people in your live.

At the end very shortly about the cast. Well, actually about Kevin Costner. Say what you want but he is a terrific actor. There probably is no such role that he couldn‘t handle. All in all, the entire cast and crew I think did a pretty good job in creating such an inspiring movie to watch.

I truly loved that at the end of the movie it was showed what happened to the main characters. It was very informative.

Magic and fairy tales is what people make happy

So are the movies about magic, fairy tales – it‘s what people create so other people could enjoy. And yes, this time I‘m going to talk about magical fairy tale again. And the title of this fairy tale is „Le Secret Moonacre“ and it turns out that this film is an adaption of a book that I didn‘t know of.

Okey, the story starts quite sadly with Marry burrying both of her parents. It is even sadder to find out that her dad left her nothing except a book. So Marry is basically alone (she has only governess) and has no money to live for. However, the book she got is not just a book. It tells the story about Moonacre Valley and how it was cursed by the Moon Princess. Little did she know that this story will change her life. Now the adventure of Marry began. And everyone who decides to watch this film is invited to join.

Before I start further discussion I just have to mention that this film reminds me a bunch of other films I‘ve seen. It reminds of „Inkheart“ and „Chronicles of Narnia“. It reminds me of „Stardust“ and „Alice in Wonderland“, „Romeo and Juliet“ (here we also have the two family rivalry). It‘s like „Le Secret Moonacre“ is little bit of every of those movies.

So, after all those tragic events of her life Marry is invited to live with her uncle. Everything would be fine at this point except that she never knew her uncle. However, it is really nice that someone from her family decided to take care of her. It is very important in these kind of situations. It gives you the chance to stay conected with your family, with who you are.

Yet, her uncle is not a very friendly man so it makes the situation even more difficult as his relationship with Marry isn‘t very warm. And this female company for an uncle seems to be very annoying since he lived for so many years all alone. But most importantly in Marry‘s situation is that she has to move in and live at Moonacre manor. Yep, Moonacre. What‘s even weirder is that Marry is the one who can save Moonacre.

Moonacre is a very weird, scary but at the same time magical place. It‘s the place where strangest and wonderous things happen. And of course there‘s an unchanted forest out there.

Talking about the cast I‘ll be very short this time. It was very nice to see Tim Curry again. I haven‘t seen him in any movie for a very long time, so it was really nice to see him in this film.

Oh, and the dog in this movie was absolutely gorgeous. And it was so sad to see when the poor dog was shot. You know, watching animals getting hurt in general is very sad and painful.

All in all, this was a beautiful story and it was a pleasure to watch it. It teaches people not to be greedy, arrogant and hateful – all these things we consider to be bad and yet we so often forget they are bad and we behave exactly like this. It also teaches us that sometimes feelings don‘t go away after all these long years; it‘s we who don‘t understand that and try to look for something else, something new. And finally, it shows that sometimes the bad guys aren‘t all that bad. Sometimes they are put under some circumstances when they have to act badly. And true love and pure feelings can overcome everything. All this moral lecture is coated into magic. Magic, magic, magic.

Trully final thoughts:

  • Maria‘s jump at the end of the film was very symbolic.
  • Water horses – very impressive.

Heaven is already here on Earth

But this heaven can be different for everyone. This heaven can look more like a hell because of us. Ant the movie „Live by night“ can be a great example of it. Why? Well, first of all watch the film and then you can read this post. This story (and this film is truly a STORY) starts in 1926, a time that was very difficult to the whole world and for America in general. It was a dark and difficult time when people used to live the way they could, not always choosing the right path, when gangster gang wars was an everyday thing.

The movie style, colours represent accurately the darkness of those years. I enjoyed the style of this movie, though at times for me it was too dark color-wise because you don‘t have to shoot a movie in such dark colors when the story is dark enough itself. But that‘s just my opinion.

The main character Joe Coughlin is a very interesting persona. Yes, he is criminal. Yes, he steals, kills and runs illegal business. But he is also a World War I veteran. And precisely after the war his career as a criminal begins. This shows us how war (any war) destroys lives, it breaks people making them be unable to overcome this post traumatic experience of war, making them unable to find themselves and the right path in life. What‘s for Joe, let‘s not forget the difficult times America was going through in those years, so becoming a criminal seemed to be an attractive perspective to gain big money in short period of time. Maybe, under the different circumsmtances Joe could have had a life without criminal element in his life since he was quite smart and artful. He could have been a great businessman or politician only legally.

Another character that I found interesting was Loretta. Her storyline even though wasn‘t long but was very sad and tragic. I won‘t tell it in details, you will find it out if you‘ll watch the movie. Although she got to obssessed with her Christian movement she made a good point through it about people who give into their desires. This point of hers is quite clearly seen in the movie too. But one of those points relates to my title of todays post: heaven is on Earth and it looks like hell because we trashed it. True. Can‘t argue with that.

In this film apart from criminal issues we can meet a lot of other issues. One of them could be wrong love affairs. Joe fell in love with a wrong woman – Emma who was a mistress of one Mafia gang boss. Joe got in a huge troubles because of this woman, he  was almost killed because of her. Joe was betrayed by his girlfriend and he tried to protect her anyway. It is strange how such a beautiful feeling like love can cause so much troubles and even death. It’s strange and fascinating at the same time.

Another issue would be difficult father – son relationship. It gets even more difficult when father is a policemen like Joes‘s father and son is criminal (and later Joe‘s son will say that he wants to be a policeman, oh, the irony of life). At the same time it is so interesting how children differ from their parents. The most tragic thing in Joe‘s and his father‘s relationship was the fact that after Joe had to go to jail and serve his time there he couldn‘t say goodbye to his father because he died earlier. That‘s very sad.

Third issue, would be racial, national disagreements. And in the case of this movie it involves not only hate between black and white people, it involves Cubans, Spaniards, Italians, Irish –all these groups hate each other for different reasons. This collapse between different races, nationalities, cultures fills the movie because on it are build relationship, lives. At this point, we also see the portrayal of Ku Klux Klan of that time. Of course it takes not much   time of this movie because it‘s not the major plot element but it was interesting to see how this organization and its action were involved.

It‘s amazing how the cream of society was partying in such difficult times when most of the people were living under extremely bad conditions. And these parties were quite luxurious. It‘s not that they had no right, it just seems inappropriate somehow. Showing at least some empathy would be nice and now… I don‘t know it just doesn‘t seem right for me. Maybe I don‘t understant something… Maybe that‘s how these people used to survive tough times?

I really enjoyed this some sort of duality in the film between past and present life, new and old, Boston and Florida, this Irish / Italian and Latin world. Especially I enjoyed how this duality becomes one in the end showing that what used to be so different is the same actually. This was very interesting. The only thing in this duality is actually different is love that Joe felt for two different women and the love they felt to him. Only with his wife Graciella he had true love that he didn‘t have with Emma, because Emma never loved him

You know, I really like one thing that was said in this movie that sometime luck creates us. It is so true. I mean, sometimes people don‘t have to do anything, try, put efforts they just get lucky and things work out perfectly. Isn‘t this amazing? I wish I could experience that. I really don‘t know what it‘s like to simply be in the right place at the right time… For some people that happens more than once. And at some times that luck means a lot, being able to change the entire life for the best. However, when things go better than ever there something will go wrong eventually.

At the end… Well at the end I‘d like to say that there was no happy ending as we are used to. And it shows that no matter how much you do for someone those people will never appreciate it and say thank you. But what most makes this film have no happy ending is that Joe‘s wife – Graciella is killed. But at the same time it makes you think when Joe killed other people he caused pain to those who loved and cared about the one‘s he killed. And now the tables have turned Joe was in their place – he experienced the pain.