The need to clean up your life

Sometimes we all (intentionally or not) get into situations when it seems that there is no way out, that everything is going wrong and bad, and it seems that there‘s nothing you can do to change it. But isn‘t there, really? I think that exactly at this point you have to pull yourself together and start cleaning all the mess that is in your life. This time I‘m discussing a movie about this cleaning. No wonder its title is „Sunshine cleaning“.

The movie starts quite schocking – with a suicide. One might refuse to watch it further, but if you do, you won‘t regret it. However, it is a story of a tough life of two sisters.

Rose is a single mom, working as a maid, having a married lover, living tough and poor life. Her sister, on the other hand, lives with their dad, she‘s this rebelious woman who acts more like a teenager and who isn‘t capable to take care of herself or the others. She‘s kind of a grown up problem child in the family (it was quite unusual to see Emily Blunt in Norah‘s role. I used to see her in such pretty or royal roles and here she was nothing like that. I liked that) . And their dad, welll he‘s bit out of reality, an excentric business man who always fails, but he is kind-hearted person. And there‘s Rose‘s son who is considered to be different.

But what is a different child? And why being different is thought to be bad? I don‘t think that being different is bad, who think it‘s bad make it really an issue. Being different is as OK as being regular. People are different and to put in childs head from early childhood that he‘s bad because he‘s different is actually horrible. It‘s damaging, destructive.

As well destructive is to have a married lover. I think that especially for a single mom to date someone who is already married and has kids is not option. These kinds of relationship are doomed from the begginning, plus raising a child alone and go into someone elses family and destroy it seems illogical .However, I admired Rose when she decided to move on and build her life and end up pointless realtionship that led nowhere.

This film is a great example how things in life change, and sometimes the best gets those who didn‘t expect to get, or those who didn‘t deserve it. For example, Rose. She was popular at high school and everybody wanted to be like her. But isn‘t it sad to realise that after graduation you haven‘t achieved anything. And the biggest achievements were being a captain of a cheerleaders group, dating the most popular guy at school?

For me, this entire film is like learning to deal with the loss of your family member (in this case – mother‘s which is extremely traumatic especially at a very young age) and the way this member was lost (in this case – suicide that seems to have broken Norah down). On the one hand, it seems quite ironic that Rose and Norah start a business where they will constantly face marks of suicide and they will have to deal with it, though they clearly haven‘t dealt with their mom‘s suicide (actually, the fact that the girls have lost their mom left a huge trauma on them as well as on their dad, the entire family couldn‘t overcome this tragedy). I understand that suicide of some stranger is not the same as your mom‘s, but it‘s a constant reminder of it. It‘ll constantly remind you that your mom chose to kill herself and leave you „The pie scene“ – everything girls had left from their mom. So, at this point, it was an interesting plot line.

And in generall, this whole cleaning business – cleaning places where crimes were commited isn‘t that bad at all. It is also a job that has to be done and there are also people behind it. And the girls found quite philosophical purpose for it – they help people at the moments like these. Maybe it was right to look at this job from that kind of perspective because otherwise it would be very hard not to let these things go through to you.

Though movie started quite depressing, it ended quite positively. Rose is having a cleaning business with her father, Norah took a road trip and seems to be happy. The one thing that I missed was what happened or didn‘t happen with Rose and Winston. I thought they had to get together. However, this is a story of  women and their struggle through life. And at the end they manage to work things out in the best possible way because eventually things work out. Or do they only in movies?

All in all, this is quite an actionless movie, yet it is very sentimental. And if you want to see a story that‘ll touch your heart this is exactly what you need to see.


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