Little nothings of life in literature

In this post I‘d like to talk about little things in life that aren‘t meaningful but can become something to talk about, to laugh at and simply become a nice memory. This my post will be related to the book, well actually with a collection of short novels and stories called „Little nothings of life. Russian satire and humor of the second half of XIX century and the beginning of XX century“. Yes, these stories I read were in Russian and it was really flattering to read them and learn what people laughed at back in the days. And now I can say that the quote from this book saying that „humor gets old quickly when it loses its meaning“ is true.

I‘m not going to tell about every story from this book, I just want to share my thoughts about this book in general. Why? Because there are too many stories to tell about.

I really enjoyd Saltykov-Schedrin‘s part from „The little nohings“ talking about education system. Especially, it was interesting to read that nothing really changed from XIX-XX century. At schools everybody are still evaluated under one given system, and if you don‘t fit in it then you‘re not good enough.There‘s still feels the lack of flexibility, individuality, creativity. Everything is still under these conservative rules and measures where a student has to be the way someone decided him to be. I think it‘s a damaging system. And the one gets lucky if he goes to university or college with more liberal politics. But the thing is we didn‘t go much further from the XIX-XX century. And this is pretty sad.

A poem „History of the Russian State from Gostomysl to Timashev“ by Alexey Tolstoy was super great. And again, I got this feeling like I was reading not about XIX-XX century‘s Russia, but about modern Russia and what is going on there today. It is a very great poem that has so many things that fit to our current time and it fits not only to Russian, but to any other country. I mean, everyone can find something about his own country. It‘s a universal poem that is relevant at all countries and all times.

In Ilya Vasilevskiy‘s writing „Without laugh“ believe it or not I found the prediction of artificial insemination. I mean, how weird is that? The end of XIX century and the beginning of XX, could there be such thoughts at all? Sure, these writings written with humor and satire, and here we go – artificial insemination. Stuff that was probably such a science fiction back then is quite regular thing today. Who‘s laughing now?

Some of the aphorisms and thoughts were were interesting. I found these very interesting: „It‘s better to say less, but well“, „Death stands at the end of life, so it would be more comfortable to get ready for it“, „Where‘s the beginning of that ending with which the beginning ends?“.

I am telling you these novels were supposed to be about fun and laugh, about entertainment, but after I‘ve read them I thought that this was some smart ass stuff I’ve read. Alongside with entertainment it was smart. And when you start to think about these novels, analyze them, you realize that they are even more deep then you thought at firtst. And some of them doesn‘t feel to be about XIX or XX century. So, if any of you who‘s reading this post will ever by any way gets a chance to read it – do it. You won‘t regret it.


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