The apocalyptic knowing

The apocalyptic, end of the world movie „Knowing“ starts back in 1959. That‘s right, to start the main story we are brought back in time. The beginning of the movie was great, I probably loved it the most because it  caught you up in the story with all this mystique, secrets, you‘re all in this „ooh,what‘s going to happen now“ mood. I like when movies cathes my attention from the very first second, when they have some sort of pre-history of the main story line. I love when a certain story told in the film has this connection between past and present. And maybe even future.

A little girl – Lucinda writes a letter which is put into a time capsule that will be opened in 50 years. But her letter isn‘t just a picture as it was thought to be, she wrote a page of numbers that looked more like a code. And after 50 years a boy amed Caleb accidentally finds this letter and all the hell breaks loose as John (Caleb‘s dad) decodes that letter. Turns out those numbers reffered to certain dates of disasters and numbers of victims. And three sets of numbers reffered to those disasters about to happen – Lucinda knew all that will happen way before it actually happened. At the same time Caleb starts to hear whispers just like Lucinda did and notice weird people who once gave him black stone (and what was up with those stones in this movie anyway?). These people are like an alien-angels who came to take Caleb and Abbey (a friend of Caleb) to another planet and give them a chance to start all over again because the Earth is going to burn down. There, it was a short synopsis of the film. Nothing very special, but there were few things that I would like to point out.

Though it was science fiction, apocalyptic movie, it is still nice that it sent (on purpose or not) some social message. In this case it was single parenting. It is hard to rise a child alone. And of course it is hard for a child to grow up with one parent. It‘s not a secret, it happens for different reasons but especially it is hard when one of the parents dies. A child grows up with never ending feeling of loss and missing. Caleb also misses his mom who died as well as his dad misses his wife. John deals quite badly with the loss of his wife and being a single dad at the same time. And after witnessing an airplane crash he becomes a total mess. For me it was this sensitive part of the film. As wel as, John‘s relationship with his parents, especially his father. Their relationship are very difficult. It is sad when adult people can‘t overcome their arguments, differences. I mean it is family after all.

Another thing that I thought was about these people who can forsee certain events. I mean this kind of knowing might drive one crazy. Isn‘t it horrible to know about certain things and be unable to change them? It‘s pretty desperate knowing. As same as knowing that sun which is thought to be the one that provides life actually one day might kill us all for real and there‘s nothing we can do about it. Quite paradoxical, however, sometimes even the craziest ideas and theories turn out to be true.

It was very nice to see Nicolas Cage who plays a single father, astrophysician in this movie, eager to find out the truth. N. Cage is a good actor and see him in movies is a joy.

Must mention that certain scenes looked pretty impressive. Specifically, those of accidents, like airplane crash scene. It was really massive and pretty realistic. As well as metro accident was pretty huge. I know it‘s fiction but still metro seems to be pretty scary for me due to the fact that it is underground and it is pretty closed place.

The ending was way weaker than the beginning. Beginning made more sense. I didn‘t enjoy the ending much. I mean new planet to live in? Doubt it. But of course after an end there must be something else. I don‘t know what but something should be.


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