Psychoanalitic trio

Today I would like to discuss a very interesting film about three very interesting personalities, moreover, it‘s a story about true people who lived once and the whole world knows them.  I‘ll be talking about „The Dangerous Method“ film that tells us the story of Carl Jung, Sabina Spielrein and Sigmund Freud – people who lived very interesting lives.

We are introduced with Sabina as she becomes Jung‘s pacient due to her hysteria. We are introduced with the way Jung treated Spielrein and what discvoeries about her condition and what triggered it he made. Basically, we are introduced with Jung‘s approach to psychonalysis which was, in fact, offered to him by Freud. Here we also can observe that women‘s mental health (especially nervous breakdowns) is a  very difficult issue, having very serious reasons. All this mental health issues can come up because of the way women are treated (especially by men), it can affect them very deeply, but people sometimes (still) think that women get crazy because they don‘t get enough sex. Bullshit. As same as to claim that ALL of our problems come from our childhood and our relationships with parents. I thing that throughout our lives (right from the minute we are born) we face and are affected by lots of traumatic experiences that marks our mental state. And those traumas not Always are based on sexual reasons.

But it was interesting to see woman feeling guilty about being sexually arousen, especially when that happens because of weird stuff like being spanked naked by your father. I don‘t say this is something a person should be proud of, but feel guilty? About what? Your physiology, or psychology you can‘t always control.

If you aren‘t eager to read all the stuff that Jung, Freud and others have written on psychoanalysis, then this movie is great opportunity to catch up with some parts of this. Of course, it would be  just a tiny part, but still. It‘s interesting to observe how relationship between Jung and Freud change. From admiration and friendship to this collision with harsh disagreements and I would even say jelousy (judging by this movie, it seems that Freud was jealous of Jung‘s wealth – „Don‘t trust aryans. We‘re jews“ he told to Spielrein). But can‘t disagree that Freud (an old fox that he was) didn‘t start this huge sexual, psychoanalytical revolution. I mean, he opened the gates and gave a chance for developing it. That‘s huge.

And all this explanation of dreams. It sems what can one get from analyzing dreams? There‘s just loads of stuff, images that has no meaning. Freud managed to prove that there actually is something there. And that there hides important and even difficult things. Like human sexuality. It only seems to be an easy thing, but actually, the whole understanding of it and expression of it is quite a difficult question.

What I liked, was the way a line between monogamy and polygamy is drawn. And how to cross this line for some people is hard, but as soon they find the right trigger they are willing to cross that line, as well as, Jung crossed it with Spilerein. And Otto Gross worked as that trigger quite well, because he thought supression of one‘s libido leads to nervous breakdowns and that‘s why for psychoanalyst to have sex with his patients is OK. In general, relationships between men and women are portayed very interestingly, unusually. Maybe it‘sbecause of the historical time, maybe it‘s because of who the main characters are. In any case, it is interesting. But at the end the main question remain unanswered: is monogamy possible? Is it possible for both men and women? And what makes it possible/impossible?

Sabina Spielreina was a smart and interesting woman. However, judging from this movie, she used to be sometimes as regular, jealous woman who let her passions and emotions take control of her. And K. Knightley‘s work made Spilerein look slightly too neurotic. However, her transition from Jung‘s patient to his colleague, becoming equal to him is amazing. And she is great example how Freud‘s and Jung‘s methods and ways of treatment worked. Nonethless, it should be mentioned that Spielrein‘s and Jung‘s attraction may have risen from the fact that they had so much in common, same interests. So maybe that is also the reason why the spark between them grew and Spielrein (in the film) makes a move on Jung which later turns out to be love, though in reality (as far as I know and I can be wrong) it wasn‘t proved whether there really was love between them. What I didn‘t like about her that she involved Freud into her and Jung‘s relationship. This was very immature and unfair to Jung. In general, after watching this film I felt kind of sad for Carl Jung. He was shown to be very unhappy man.

One more historic figure – Otto Gross. Gross was an extraordinary persona: free soul, taking everything he could take from sex (having sex with his female patients was OK to him) and maybe this explains a thought that all sexual limitations and boundaries results eventually in fulfilled asylums, because all neurosis come from the lack of sex and it was hard for him to understand that someone would refuse pleasure that you can get from sex. Nonsense. Maybe his lifestyle was the reason that his further life were leaded by veneric diseases, addiction and misery. Otto Gross ended his life very tragically: some say, he died of starvation, others say that he died from pneumonia, the thirds say he froze outside on the street. Yet, Gross was probably and illustration of psychoanalytical failure or weakness‘s of psychoanalysis. Now, this kind of life that Gross shared is described as rock stars lifestyle. However, putting all this aside, no matter what Otto Gross was like, but what he was and how he behaved, lived influenced and changed Jung. This is exactly the case when a patient changes doctor, not vice versa.

Well, this time I also should mention a very good cast choice. All the actors played their characters perfectly. And looked very similar to those whom they played. Especially, in my opinion, was made a great choice with Viggo Mortensen and Vincent Cassel. I also loved that at the end we could learn what happened to these main characters. For me it was quite nice. Plus, it didn‘t leave the story unifinished.


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