A woman in a man‘s hand

Like literally. That‘s the plotline of a movie I‘m discussing today. Russian comedy „Odnoy levoy“ tells us a story about famous sculptor into whose arm one day settles in a woman. He (Maxim) is a party boy, casanova, she (Sophie) is a smart girl, animal rights activist, complete opposite of what Maxim is. And yet she moves in in his arm. How? Well, she was hit by a car, Maxim came running to help her, took her hand and BAM. They suffered an electric shock after what she be part of his body. That‘s the plotline of the movie very shortly, because basically there‘s not much to tell. It‘s not the most funniest comedy to watch, nor it‘s not the mostinteresting movie to watch in general. It‘s not all bad, but it‘s not good enough too.

The strenght of this film is the opposite characters and their interaction. She is an active vegetarian, maybe even vegan, living a healthy life, protecting animal rights. She is this perfection. But I‘ll take a step aside just to tell even if someone is like Sophie I don‘t think they have the right to force others live that kind of life style, because personally, I‘ve noticed that these vegetarian and vegan people like to do so, thinking it‘s the only right way to live a life. Well, it‘s not. People are free to chooce and then deal with the consequences which can occur living any kind of life style.

He is an artist, living this oh so hard bohemian life – parties, cars, girls, rich female clients that end up in his bed. So it‘s a story about two people that have nothing in common, but they end up together… as One.You know a lot of things change once you get hit by electricity while holding someone else‘s hand. Especially if that someone is someone you like and it becomes your arm. This is a weird sentence.

This film nicely represents how rich people like to spend huge money ona very weird stuff, like sculptures of animals they‘ve hunted once before.

Generally, this film reminds me of „What woman wants“ with Mel Gibson. The main difference is that here the main character can‘t hear what women think, but his hand is a woman. And this kind of neighbourhood (let‘s call it this way) for a sculptor really cathastrophic. I men, sometimes it is trully difficult to live with a woman (or a man), but live with one as your hand, that has separate life… It causes way too much troubles. However, people can get used to, probably, evertything.

Though, one scene was kind of weird to watch. I don‘t know why but this dancing with your hand scene (even though the main character imagined to be dancing with an actual woman) was somehow strange. Despite this entire not-making-much-sense plot the situation of being left alone and empty felt kind of familiar. Rising feelings for someone who is totally opposite, different to you is also familiar and in some way natural thing. But that‘s pretty much all I can say about this film. I know it‘s not much, but it just did not impress me much.


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