Circumstances that bring Russians and Germans together

And yes, it turns out that even though Russians and Germans stand in the opposite sides of the ring (stereotypically talking) this brings lots of fun to us – observers. And, yes, comedies about Russians and

Germans can be both: funny and insulting, that‘s exactly what can be said about Russian comedy „Groom“.

Actually this film has two main themes that pretty often are used in comedies, because they simply turn out to be funny – it‘s family relations and, obviously, intercultural relations, in this case, Russian – German,but they actually are shown through a stereotype lenses, and that concerns not only Russian – German relations (a German man named Helmut (played by a German-Swiss actor Fillipe Rheihardt) comes to Russia on the 9th of May to propose to his gilfriend and then accidently her ex comes to visit), but also Russian – Caucasian relations. One of those stereotypes would be that a German man is a salvation for a Russian girl from peripher. Now why is that so? Well, because it is though that he is a foreigner, a western person, rich, has lots of perspectives… Blah blah blah. As same as the thought that Russian woman will fight for her man and is able to beat the crap out of anyone who will threat her man in any possible way.

But in this all stereotipical story one thing would actually be very interesting to observe. To see how people from diffrent countries could communicate with each other without knowing each others language, like at all.

What else seems interesting and also kind of weird in a sense, is the fact how people can joke in a cruel manner about things that are actually very painful. For me it was strange that Russians took as a major event of the comedy film the Victory Day and the jokes were built upon this event. Usually they aren‘t eager to joke about this day, and here we have an entire film filled with these kinds of jokes, like annual reconstruction of a Victory Day as some sort of entertainment for rich people taking German person in captivity. This was very surprising for me and, again, strange.

While watching this film I thought to myself: it‘s interesting how some people are studying acting to become actors, even though they have no talent. And some people are so talented and ment to be (comedy)actors, though they‘ve never ever took any acting classes. They just have this talent inside of them. That‘s all.

What really made me laugh was one thing said by the main character played by Sergey Svetlakov. His character said that ex-husbands do not exist, meaning like in the case with KGB agent – there are no ex KGB agents. Once you are a KGB agent, you‘re always a KGB agent. The exact same thing is with husbands – once you‘re a husband, you‘re always a husband, you‘re never an ex.

Oh, and yes, I once again mentioned Sergey Svetlakov. Because, yeah, he‘s a famous comedian in Russia and he plays in lots of current Russian comedies. Plus he can be the best illustration of the example of those talented actors who never ever studied acting. I should also mention a very talented comedy actress Olga Kartunkova. As far as I know she also did not study any acting stuff, but when it comes to comedies she’s wonderful.

Let‘s move on. This comedy also shows a well known, everyday seen action – filming everything with your mobile phone. In some of my posts I wrote that I don‘t get this. I mean, I understant that people want to save some of their moments, but seriously, if you‘re saving EVERY moment when are you actually living those moments? If you constantly filming everything, when are you experiencing it, enjoying it? THAT‘S what I don‘t get.

I also don‘t get this weird understanding of relationship and living in marriage. I mean if you are married (doesn‘t matter if you are a woman or a man) and you want to stay married, but also have some relationship on a side, yet your second half does not share the same view how can you keep her/him right next to you? Let her/him go. It‘s also the same when it comes to the situation when a married man has a lover because, you know,  he‘s a MAN, when a married woman has a lover she‘s a SLUT. Either it‘s OK for both, either for no one.

Another moral story coming from, as someone might called it dumb comedy: if you are rich it does not mean that you can act whatever you like, do whatever you want. No. Remember, that those people to whom you did a lot of bad things at the very end might be the ones, the ONLY ones who could do something that might safe your life for example. So wouldn‘t it be right to treat other people nicely no matter they‘re rich or poor. At the end we‘re all humans.

And what can I say at the very end? Fireworks in da house looks cool, but kids, don‘t try this at home for real  :D. After all everything‘s good what ends well. Don‘t you think?


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