A worth of friendship

How I love to watch a sweet, positive, nice, light film that not only can make me feel relaxed after a long hard day, but it can make me laugh, and also has a meaning. And that‘s the simpliest description of „I Love You, Man“ movie. It  is really a nice thing to watch. And the soundtrack of the film puts you in the right mood too, and it‘s all so great. But let‘s move on to the „meaning“ things and discuss them.

The storyline of this film goes around Peter – nice, well-mannered, educated, polite man who has no male friends and somehow it is thought to be wrong and not mannish. Why? So this leads us to the main idea of this film: friendship and the differences in female and male friendship. One of the most common beliefs that women tell EVERYTHING to their best friends. Like men don‘t do that. In fact, sometimes men tell so much more than women do. Yup, men do talk a lot. But should both men and women tell that much to their friends? Is there any borders that they shouldn‘t cross and limits they shouldn’t waste? Maybe there are certain things that should remain untold, especially if they involve two or more people? You know, I want to give straight answer, but I don‘t think I have one.

Another question that kept me bothering while watching this film was what is wrong if a man gets along very well with women? What is wrong with a man who is friends with women? Does this fact make a man less of a man? Why is it still thought to be weird? I don‘t get it. But then this leads to other questions, like: is it abnormal if a man doesn‘t have male friends, or a woman doesn‘t have female friends? I don‘t have answers to the last question though I would like to have, because for me it seems interesting. I just don‘t think that these days would be relvant to classify things into normal/abnormal because in my opinion the borderline of these things is barely seen which makes you imposible to conclude something and leave it unprotested. Before moving to another paragrapgh, let me quickly ask one more question: what is wrong with having mom or dad as a best friend for both men and women? Is it that miserable? Isn‘t it great when as an adult you can also be friends with your parents. Isn’t it great to have close and friendly relationship with your parents instead of an alieated relationship? If it‘s not than why is it a good purpose to laugh at someone because of it?

Let‘s go even deeper – does everyone need to have a best friend? Why? Is it impossible to live without a best friend? If the answer is NO then why all this „Best firend“ topic is fussed about all the time? I think there are people who can‘t live without other people (call them friends, buddies or whatever) in their lives they are in constant need to mix with people. But there are also people who can and, personally I don‘t see nothing wrong in it. Moreover, let‘s not forget that for some people making (new) friends is not an easy thing to do. Some of us are shy, some of us keep the distance and don‘t let others easily into our world. That‘s how some people are, and there‘s nothing weird about that.

Maybe, the issue occurs when we are pressed by someone to have friends? You know all this public opinion, others knowing better what is good for us and how we should live our own life. But then again, why should we do things that others want us to do and expect us to do it? I think we don‘t have to. We choose the path of our life and we walk it. No one should decide for us just because they think it is right. It goes this way in everything. Having friends/ not having, too.

Married couple. Boy, are they hilarious sometimes. Especially if you observe them from the perspective of a single person or not yet married and thinking when you will get married there‘s no way you‘re going to be that way. In this film we also have a hilarious married couple to observe (Zooey‘s friends) and compare them to Zooey and Peter couple. Married couples have weird rules sometimes (not that other couples don‘t, but somehow with married people it looks weirder). And it‘s really interesting to observe married couples (even if their relationship aren‘t happy) for some sort of your personal research or analysis purposes. I don‘t know why it is so, it just is.

Now, let‘s go positive way. I (and this is only my personal opinion) think that you don‘t have to go out and desperately seek to find yourself a friend (husband, wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, love) like it is shown in this movie. When the time is right all those people WILL enter our life anyway. And they do, sometime they are soul mates, sometimes they are a totally opposite to what we are, but in both ways it might turn into something great. All we need is time and patience (writing this sentence  “Patience” by  Guns n‘ Roses‘s  kept playing in my head, I don’t know why) for things to work out the right way. And it happened to Peter. He finds himself a friend – Sydney. Now, Sydney is completely opposite to Peter with all his worldviews, rules, moral values and habits. He’s a boy, a grown up boy. And he‘s really straightforward.

One more thing to discuss – I swear. How come women (well, men too) are so jealous when their men (women) are having good time with their friends and family? Why do they think that if they are together men (women) should ONLY be with them and forget their family and friends? In a relationship no one‘s a property of the others, so they can’t treat your partner as a property by forbiding something. And being jelous about if he‘s/she‘s spending time with friends and family is simply weird.


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