About animated films and animals. One more time

Once in a while I make a post about an animated film. And I think these films shouldn‘t be considered  strictly suitable for the kids. But if I would be making a list of those animated films I would like to show to my future kids (there are people who do those kinds of lists) I would definitely write „Bolt“ film (a story of a cute dog) into that list.

Now, animals are always a sensitive subject. I don‘t know why. Is it because they are so cute and irresistable, or that they are hepless and completely rely on us – people. They bring lots of joy and kindeness into our lives and we are the ones who can guarantee a happy life of theirs. Or, maybe it is because when you get a pet (a dog, a cat, or any other) there‘s a strong connection is built between us and them, I think they become more than just a pet. They become a true friend, a family member. And that‘s maybe why it is such a sensitive subject. Yet, sometimes people act really cruel and probably don‘t even understand that they hurt animals when they leave them, abandon them, throw them out. Pets love their owners in their own way, but the problem is that the owners not always appreciate it and behave very unfair with those who can be our best and true friends, sometime maybe the only friends.

But let‘s get to Bolt. Bolt is an example of how animals too become movie and TV stars (we all remember Lassie, Beethoven, Rin Tin Tin, K-9 and many others). And in my opinion (an I think I might be right) Bolt is also a metaphor in some way of an actors who tend to bring their characters into real life. Of course, that might be an unintentional action, but it happens. They just tend to feel into their‘s part too deeply that they can‘t even separate themselves from their characters. That‘s actually kind of scary when you‘re not able to separate reality from acting. And Bolt couldn‘t. For him it was very hard to get over and finally realize that he did not have any actual super powers.

This story also examplifies a life of those young showbiz stars who are managed by all those agents leaving parents aside. And then we see a situation when agents and producers has much bigger impact on a young person than his parents do. It‘s a cruel situation in a cruel business, but that‘s how things are. So in this case, I think both parents and a young stars should be really strong and think with their own head. Well, as much as it is possible.

Despite all that was mentioned before, I have one question after watching „Bolt“: why is practically always cats in animated films are shown to be villains? Seriously, why? And the dogs are always the heroes? What is up with that? However, Bolt ends up being frieds with this cat named Mittens and his huge fan hamster Rhino (funny name for a tiny hamster).

Cannot go away without mentioning how funny it was to watch the scene where Mittens (cat) teaches Bolt (dog) how to act like a dog, all those tricks that dogs do. And I caught thinking myself how hard it is to learn all those things that for the others seem to be so natural. Nevertheless, it‘s also a story about differences and how these differences work out for a friedship. I mean cat can become friends with a dog, and a hamster can become a friend with both them. Then, why is it so hard for different people to come together and be friends, or am I wrong here?

At the end, I‘d like to say that Hollywood lights and sparkling life is great (probably, because I don‘t know), but somehow it seems to be empty. And at the end of the day people (in this case animals) are longing for peace and home warmth where they can be regular. And I think everyone needs that kind of place to feel happy.


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