Letting some magic into our world

It might sound naive, but I think it‘s a need. We all are so busy, running fast, stressing out, we barely can see things around us. We should stop. Take a deep breath and dive (at least for a few hours) into a magical world where there‘s no our daily routine. I did it, and I liked it. How did I do that? Easy. Jus watched „Stardust“ movie.

This was a beautiful story with lots of magic. But generally, it involved the same old subjects as it always does. One of them was a theme of constant division. We constanly face divisions, we make them ourselves, we build walls that separates: us from the others. So that wall in the movie between real world and magical is the best representation of how everything is divided and that we are so much happier when there are no walls. Unfortunately, not in all cases we can go on without having walls build. Sometimes they are inevitably needed, but even then they bring this negativity. However, a true love might happen between anyone who seem to be on the very different sides, even between a simple, clumsy boy (who turns out is prince and also a hero) and a star. And then you know the story, they lived happily ever after.

The movie represents another common thing of our lives – we tend to fall in love with wrong people. And by wrong I don‘t necesserilly mean bad people. No, I mean just those who won‘t respond to our feelings the way we would want or expect them  to respond. And before realising that we tend to make a lot of foolish things. Just like Tristan did for Victoria. We even let us be humiliated and used. Ain‘t that sad?

Another thing I really love about these magic, fairy-tale movies is that they are very inspiring. They inspire not to give up on our dreams whatever they are (to buy a Ferrari, or to reach a star). This kind of a movie also teaches us. Teaches us to be who we really are, not to pretend being someone we aren‘t just to impress somebody else, or make them like us for not who we are. It‘s a simple things, but pretty often we forget about them and we act quite the opposite and that leads us to unhapiness.

Of course, fairy tales aren‘t just about nice and beautiful things like how a princess wins over a witch (in this case four witches). They also show a lot of bad things of our lives, like intrigues, in this case, royal intrigues. Sure, it is done to teach people how they shouldn‘t behave. For example in „Stardust“ it is shown that brothers kill each other just to take over the king‘s throne. It actually could be a real situtation. These things do happen in the real life too. Saddly they do. And I think it’s really a good thing that this genre is very educative, because not only kids need this quality in films, but adults as well. We too need this, and sometimes these educative moments like egoism, personal profit, wish for eternal life aren‘t those things that we should seek, must be explained in a very simple language.

I also enjoyed that it was showed (I don‘t know whether intentionally or not) the importance of someone in our lives to help us, mentor us, teach us. These people play a significant role in our lives. Just like Robert De Niro‘s charachter did in this film. Talking about De Niro it‘s always a pleasure to see him on screen, but this role… There was nothing left from the brutal De Niro we know, but he was good in this role.



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