A difficult story of a difficult girl

This time I’d like to discuss a movie with a very interesting title “Fish tank”. First of all, wow. I think this mv5bmtc1ntk4mzkxof5bml5banbnxkftztcwndkxmdaxmw__v1_sy1000_cr006741000_al_movie that at first look seems pretty simple, is actually very strong. Emotionally, psychologically, morally, socially. It opens the wounds of our and every other society. In all countries exist problems exposed in this film. So, if you are going to watch it, be ready to face your countries, cities, streets or maybe even your own reality.

This is a story about a girl Mia – a difficult teenager. She’s aggressive, she’s fighty, she’s a loner she lives in a very gloomy environment with her mom and younger sister. But she loves to dance and that’s probably one positive thing about her life. Sure, someone might tell that she’s lucky to have mom and a sister. But their family relations are difficult and strange. Her mom doesn’t seem to care about her (she even tells Mia that when she found out she was pregnant with her she thought of having an abortion) or her sister.fm-2_4_1_art_caminiti_5 She seems kind of slutty, more concerned about having a man and regular sex in her life than about her daughters (e.g. her younger daughter smokes, Mia secretely drinks, but neither her or anyone else seem to care); it’s like the three of them live separate lives. Sadly, but this is a common situation in every society. I personally don’t understand that kind of women for whom men are more important than their kids. Ladies, not cool giving up on your kids for men, you might end up without a men and you own kids.

An interesting plot line: Mia keeps trying to save horse. Why? Does she see in this horse herself? Locked and held in the place where she doesn’t feel happy? Interesting.

And then we have Michael’s Fassbender character Connor who brings interesting colours into Mias family (he is her mom’s new boyfriend). Interesting, but he manages to find his way to a difficult teenager. fish-tankMoreover, he becomes like a father figure for the girls in a way. And for Mia who is a loner it means a lot, because she gets no support, nor understanding from her closest people – mom. And here is someone who supports her, encourages her. Isn’t this what we all need – be supported? Don’t we all need someone to be there for us? It is just sad when that someone is, well, actually a stranger instead of closest people?

I understand that this is just a movie, but there are  lots of kids who share the same story as Mia in this movie. Poor environment, no perspectives, parents either drink, do drugs, steal, or are way to involved in searching and changing partners. But these kids do have dreams, they too are talented in some field, they just don’t have ooportunities to work on them and become someone. And even though everyone laughs from Mia (her mom too) she still tries to reach for her dreams, even though unsuccessfully.

But the movie goes on and we are introduced with another familiar situation: Connor has sex with Mia. And don’t tell this never happens. Bullshit. It happens more often than you think or want to think. In this case, Mia didn’t seem to be against sex, but how many girls and boys are out there who are raped by wrong partners their moms pick up? It’s an never ending issue that a lot of kids face constantly. In this case, no one was against, but Connor decides to leave.

The only person that Mia got attached to leaves, so  she decides to find him. And she finds him at his home. He gives a lame explanation that they can’t see each other due to her age. Blah blah blah… If you don’t want to have problems then don’t  have sex with someone who is under 18. For the sake of both of you. But not this shocks Mia the most: after she breaks into Connors house she finds out that not only he has a 7-mia-her-mum-and-tyler-mias-sister-in-fish-tanktraditionl home, but he also has a wife and a little daughter. Surprise! Yes, he has a family she never had, but it seemed she might have pieces of it when Connor lived with her mom. She feels anger, disappointment, so she pees on his living room floor and kidnaps his daughter.

I’m not justifying what Mia did (what she did is bad and horrible), but I think that in this case Connor is the one to blame. If he didn’t hook up with Mia’s mom, if he wouldn’t have moved into their apartment none of this would have happened. He was married and he should have known the risks and take them into account. But he didn’t.

Mia returned Connor’s daughter back home. And Connor catched her and slaped her in the face. No words. Just a slap. That’s it. It’s like Mia was the only one responsible for what happened.

What about Mias dream? She went to dancer audition. Turned out, they were looking for erotic dancers. So, another dream have been broken. Again, how many kids are there like Mia? More than we can imagine. What can we do? Help them if we can. How? It’s up to each of us to decide.


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