Family values

All families are different. But at the same time they all are similar in some ways. All families have its values, eqacl2-fw5m_movieposter_maxrestraditions, certain way of behaviour and world perception.

This is a story about two young people who are about to get marry. They both come from different families: she (Natasha) comes from relatively richer family and he (Roma) comes from simple, poor family. And this is the part when a Russian comedy „Gorko!“ (or “Kiss them all!”) starts. But as you all know, whether families want it or not, they have to come together to decide upon all organizational wedding questions. Usually, parents want the wedding to be traditional, and in this case – traditional Russian wedding, but all the bride wants is a mermaid style wedding. How to reach a compromise? In this case, no ones wants to reach it and that‘s why we have a comedy film.gorko_22

This entire film is made in a home video style. Groom‘s brother films everything. So you get the impresion that you‘re watching real home video about real event.

The biggest confusion and misunderstanding is brought by incapability to talk and listen and this incapability arises between two generations, two different people. The brides father (even though he‘s not a poor guy) tries to arrange a cheap wedding. He does everything his daughter dislikes. But father thinks he‘s doing the right thing. However, whether we like it or not, we don‘t choose our families or relatives. So, they might be weird, different, embarassing, but they still are OUR families and relatives. So we have to work our negative attitude towards them even then when they get really drunk on our wedding day, start to shout „Gorko“ (eng. Bitter, it’s when people want  to see the bride and the groom kissing) and all the hell breaks loose – alll the awkwardness and fun (sometimes opposite of fun) starts. But that‘s not even the climax. Then.. the host of the wedding enters – Sergey Svetlakov (one of the biggest comedians in Russia) and he gets drunk…

And what is a Russian wedding? It‘s hard to give a simple answer. It‘s one of those things you should actually see to understand it. But in short, traditional (in all senses) Russian wedding is all kinds of competitions, games, fun, jelousy (that‘s right), fight (because a wedding without a fight is not a wedding 🙂 ), love, family, laugh, lots of drinks and drunk people, music, dances… and lots of good memories. And even if all these traditions that seem to be unavoidable for older generation and complete gorkobullshit for youngers, well, maybe we should compromise on this somehow? Think about it: these crazy wedding traditions can make a regular fancy wedding into unforgetable wedding that even a sophisticated and glamorous celebrity would love it. And probably right are those who say that people organising their wedding are doing it not for (or not only for) themselves, but for the family and friends.

But this is not the only division we get to observe. We are shown ( in a most primitive way) what are the differeces between bachelor and bachlorette parties. I suppose you all know what are those differences since those are pretty much the same in most of the countries :).

All in all, I‘d like to say that people dream of a wonderful wedding, where everything should be great and perfect. But isn‘t the most important on this day to be with the ones you love, care and just have a really good time, a time to remember? So, maybe the perfection hides in simplicity and sincerity?

For those who don’t speak Russian can watch this film on Youtube with English subtitles :).


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