Millenium trilogy: Part 1.

It’s been a while since I’ve read “The girl with the dragon tatto” book (as well as the other two), but I think p1000128the time  has come to discuss it. Not that long ago I wrote about “The girl with the dragon tattoo” film and today I will talk about the book. I probably won’t say nothing new, but still this is a very involving book and a story. Once you start reading it, you can be sure that you will definetely read the other two parts.

The first part of the Millenium trilogy, has least to do with Lisbeth Salander’s storyline, because in this part we have few plot lines that reaveals us of Lisbeth (it’s an intro to her story through other stories), but this book gives us only the surface of it. The two main plot lines: Wennerström case and Vanger family mystery (what happened to Hariet?). The book gives us more detailed and longer explanation about Wennerström case, that‘s what I missed as I watched the movie. However, book is not so limited on time, so an author (Stieg Larsson)can go on narrating his story in any direction and at any length.

However, as I mentioned on post about the film „my perception of Blomkvist was completely different when I read the book and watched the movie. As I read the book I thought of him as more slutty person, who can’t abstain from sleeping with women even though he could be in relationship with someone. In the movie I perceived his character as more interested in and concentrated on his job. Here he was softer, more of a father figure” can be transferred on all characters. Somehow exploring them while reading a book gave me a more vivid, real impression of them. There was no rush in introducing them as it was in the movie. In the book you can actually learn the tangledness of relationship.

Plus, I have to say that I missed those details about Blomkvist’s personal life in the movie, e.g. that he was divorced, had a daughter. You like it or not, but it draws completely different portrait of a person. So at this point, as you read a book and then you watch an adaption of it, you kind of feel that these are like the same stories, but at the same time different. Not to mention actual differences in the plot.

The things that fascinate me about this book, are the issues raised by the author. On the one hand it’s fascinating, but on the other hand it’s weird that a book with such dark and horrible themes got to be so popular all over the world. Child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, violence against women, murders, family incest – these are like one of the most horrible things a person can experience. Normally it’s hard to talk about these things for lots of differrent reasons. And the fact that a book, that includes all of them became a bestseller is really impresing. But when you think about it, maybe it’s a good thing. I mean, someone has to talk about these things, someone has to bring these things up even if it’s only a form of literature. But the important thing is that all these people who liked the book, would truly agree on the fact that all those issues written in this book are important, bad and should be solved. And each one of us can play a significant part in solving them. That’s the most important.

Another interesting thing for me in this book was how biblical motives were incorporated into the story. Sure, religion is an important subject. And it plays a huge role in peoples lives. Mostly it is thought that religion works good for us. But sometimes religion can be used for bad and dark things to make. And it is actually kind of scary when a book such as  the Bible (regularly used for people to look some sort of answers, to seek the good and the light) inspires someone to commit the opposite things, like kill someone. But this is probably the two sides of the medal situation when there’s no only one side. There’s always two sides – good and bad. It’s only a matter of choice. Choice made by us.

All in all, even though I enjoyed “The girl with the dragon tattoo” film and I don’t think it’s a bad movie, but if had to choose between watching it or reading a book for the second time, I would choose reading a book.


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