A present for life

Once in a while we all get presents. Some of them stay with us for a very long time. But do you know what 2593_327329are the presents that could be with us for life? It can be a friend, a child, person that becomes really close.

Movie “Gift with character” (“Подарок с характером”) tells us a story about a a very rich boy who has everything except that all kids, despite their financial status, need equally – mom. His dad says he can’t see her. On his birthday Artyom get lots of gifts, but he never gets enough of time and attention from his businessman father. That’s another thing each child need despite rich or poor he is.

Artyom is a difficult child, he’s spoiled, nervous and hystericall at times, he’s used to control and command to people. But he’s like that because he has no mom who would love him and dad who could go fishing with him. A child needs love, attention. Sure, expensive education, opportunities, money is good, but not when it is instead of a family relations. Sometimes it seems that rich people who obviously are very busy people, are trying to give their children as much of everything as possible. But the kid will still feel emptiness because his mom never had time to hug him, or because his dad never had time to play with him. I mean, if people decide to have kids, they must acknowledge that they will have to have time for their kids. Kids aren’t just robots or piece of furniture that doesn’t need warm human communication or attention. And when parents can’t give all that to their kids, well, then Panda has to come to the rescue.

Panda, that in fact is a 30 – year – old guy Mischa is the one who shows to a difficult rich child the other side of life. That life is not only fairy tales come true for dad’s money. Life can be unfair, difficult, but it can also be happy, funny. And not everything is measured by the amount of money, or that if you’re rich you go on bossing around to people you don’t even know – and all these things Artyom gets to learn on his with Panda way to Sochi, where he expects to meet his mom.

A couple consisting of a rich and a poor guy in cinematography isn’t new. But everytime you learn



something  from it. I just wish rich people could learn more, because usually they have completely different understanding of life. But at the end, they too, dream of those same things as we all: happiness, warmth… And it would be healthy for them to see how regular people live and that those things that surround them aren’t so exotic.

Another interesting aspect comes in this movie is how to get along with younger generations. They’re so much smarter now at younger age. Like Artyom – he’s a smart 9 year-  old, able to black – mail a grown up man, he knows laws and stuff. At the same time it’s incredible how two different people get in touch so well. It is even more interesting how grown up man learns so much from a child and vice versa of course.

“Gift with character” is a nice film for an entire family, especially if you want something warm and sincere. Plus, it gives you a chance to enjoy adventures, because on their way to Sochi Artyom and Mischa meet a lot of interesting character that colours up their journey.

3249_0961204_bAt the end about Artyom’s mom. Turns our she died when the boy was 4 years old and his dad didn’t know how to tell his son truth, so he lied that he can’t see his mom. It’s a harsch truth to say for a child, but sometimes it’s better to say it and hurt him, then keep lying and destroy him in the future.

And lastly, I would like to say that people should more offently say that they love each other, or at least express this feeling.


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