Things get double pink

The story of Closeau moves on in the second part of Pink Panther story “The Pink Panther 2“. But this time, we get a chance to concentrate on Closeau from different perspective. Sure, now he’s internationally known the_pink_panther_2_08detective (not so bad for a guy who was thought to be total chaos?), yet his boss Dreyfuss still thinks he’s to dumb to be a real detective. Somehow people think that if someone (according to them) isn’t good enough for something, they’re right. Well, tell you what – not always.

Especially in the case of Closeu. Because turns out, he is actually smart (weird, of course, but weirdness does not equal to dumbness) and able to use all these different kinds of gadgets that are so simple, but effective. Everybody thinks Closeau is a dummy, but he’s actually good and wise at predicting what might happen (e.g. he said that whenver he leaves France the diamond “Pink Panther” will be stolen, and he was right). However, his self – interest and bit of an arrogance did not go away in this part, and it actually worsened his business. However, arrogance in most cases worsens things. I don’t think that arrogance is a good quality for anyone to obtain even if you have the right to behave that way because of your acomplishments. The less arrogance the better the world would be. Talking about Closeau’s clumsiness, I think that this feature of his seems to be in a way cute, don’t you think?

Another thing that makes Closeau look cute is the fact that he’s in love. However, he hides his feelings, 9286maybe it’s because he’s shy, or that he’s old – fashioned, because otherwise why would he be acting this way? But looking how he behaves makes you smile. Let’s face it, he’s not young, but love makes him act likes a shy 15 years old. On the one hand, it’s weird to see a grown, maybe even old man acting like that, but on the other hand it’s so nice, that even at this age people are able to be like that, like everything just starting, like it’s for the first time…

Closeau is also shown to be very stereotypically thinking man, expressing his opinion loudly and proudly without any kind of political (or any other kind of) correctness. How many people do you know who think stereotypically? Do you think it’s a bad thing? Well, most of the people would claim that yes, it is bad. I wouldn’t argue with them. But can you imagine our life without stereotypically thinking people? It might be good life, but I think not so interesting for sure. I think we need stereotypes so we could overcome them and grow as personalities, as educated and smart personalities. But we have to have stereotypes in the first place.

the_pink_panther_2_06In the second part of “The Pink Panther” we have a chance to observe how Closeau gets along with kids as he gets to spend some time with Ponton’s (played by Jean Reno) sons. You know, people say that it is sad to observe an adult behaving like a child. True. It is sad. But I think it’s adorable when adults are able to save at least little bit of a child in themselves and not to become all and entirely adults. A child in us at the adultery keeps as vivid, loving life, being able to get surprised and excited about things. Life becomes more colourful then. Don’t you think?

Last thing I would like to say about Jeremy Iron’s character. That was a surprise to see him in such kind of movie. But he was good. I think he should play in comedies more often.

And at the very very end – Closeau was right. Once again. So, who’s a dummy now?


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