When it’s all about the Pink… Panther

Yup, I believe everybody at least once have heard about the Pink panther. Am I right? I think I am. Why I pinkpanther_mpam asking this? Because I want to discuss a movie “The Pink Panther”.

For me this is exactly the kind of movie you prefer to watch when you you want something light, easy going and relatively funny. These are exactly the things the character of Jacques Clouseau represents. He is portrayed to be dumb (but is he, really?), he is scallywag, but it doesn’t seem to bother him much. He’s susipicious and positive, maybe even naïve. Howver, he tries do his job really well, I’d say that sometimes he tries too much.

So we have here a murder and disappearance of a ring that is called “The Pink Panther”.  And while real policemen were about to solve the crime, Clouseau was chosen to be a piece of meat that could be tortured by the press. And this is the example that comedy films are able to show real life situations that are serious. I don’t know if it happens on purpose or not, but it happens and it’s good. I mean it’s a known fact that those who are “higher” than someone (we’re speaking in work hierarchy context) wants those who are ‘lower” or “weaker” make responsible for things they shouldn’t be, it’s like making other people guilty of the crime they didn’t do. It’s horrible when this happens, especially when that someone who is about to be blamed for agrees without knowing on what he agrees.

Sure, there is also the other side of the medal. Some people are just too self – important and think of themselves way too good, so they take this kind of opportunities with a wish  to show how important they are, but they do not realize at what cost this might happen. And I think this is exactly the case with Clouseau – he is self – important, bit of an arrogant and he he definetely hightens himself as a policemen.steve-martin-pinkpanther-43 However, he is also a human with feelings, despite all these disadvantages of him. And despite everything, he solves the case, so maybe he’s not that bad and his eccentricity pays off.

What else can I say? Well, Steve Martin can really any kind of character in a comedy film. No matter what he does, he does it great. If you want to watch something easy with lots of misunderstandings, accidents, crazy situation seasoned with French spices it is a good pick.

P.S. Should I mention the “Hamburger” and “Camouflage“ scenes are epic? No? OK, I won‘t 🙂






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