If you lose 100 times in a row, once you’ll definetely going to win

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do, you have equal rights to achieve your paul-blart-mall-cop_1024goals just like everybody else. And even though things go the wrong way several times in a row, you still can try and it doesn’t mean you’re a loser or worse, lower then those who win.

Paul Blart from “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” wants to become (and tries so hard) a real cop, but he fails every time due to his weight and  diagnosis of  hyperglycemia (he has to consume something sweet every once in a while otherwise he’ll pass out). He is also a lonely father who would like to find love, but it seems like everybody says it’s impossible due to who he is. Despite all that, he is a nice, sensitive person, loving father and son.

This is the main character of a comedy film “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” as I already mentioned. It’s really a fun comedy, I had a nice hour and a half watching it. But putting aside all the fun and jokes, there are actually serious things to talk. For example, a disease (hyperglycemia, in this case). Yes, it looks funny in the movie when someone who haven’t consumed a candy passed out in a funny way, but actually this might end with coma or death. So for people with this kind of diagnosis  might face some kind of difficulties at work. And I could say the same thing about all the diseases. But it doesn’t mean that people who suffer from any kind of illness are worse at doing certain job. Of course no. They can be the best professionals you’ve ever met, it’s just they need certain working conditions that would allow them manage and control their disease so it wouldn’t damage neither them, nor their work. So, I think public awareness should be raised on this, we should learn and let each other work decently and not stigmatise people who have certain disease. Because, you know, each one of us can get one.

Second of all, watching at this character – Paul Blart I started to wonder: why can’t good people have what they want? Or why they get things they do not deserve? Why does there exist this kind of unfairness? Sure, Paul Blart likes his job and tries hard to do it the best way and at the end he is paid off. But in the real life not always you’ll see that kind of an ending. Why? I know lots of these stories with no happy endings for paul-blart-mall-copthose who deserve it, but I just can’t figure out why is this so.

But let’s go back to the film. You know I really love when music that you like, songs that you love are used in the movies. I don’t know how about you but the combo of comedy and rock songs (especially those from the 80s) work great every time. And I know it might be a cheap trick, still it rocks, it gives this great dynamics for the film and awesome energy vibe for you.

Another cheap trick that works every time with comedy films is portrayal of a drunk man, especially who can’t or shouldn’t drink (like Paul). It’s funny and also true, some people really shouldn’t drink, because somehow alcohol works weird on them.

Internet dating! Boy, now that’s a mistake. In my opinion. In the movies it might look funny when you think you’ll date some hottie, but actually you meet a grandma/grandpa. Yet in real life you can meet a psycho. But to be honest, I don’t believe in Internet dating and that you can find love there. I know there are people who claim that that’s exactly what happened to them. But I don’t believe in that. Maybe that’s because I find Blart’s quality to hate cell phones and enjoy life communication so close. You have to see untitledperson, you have to feel him, computer monitor doesn’t give you that.

Finally, as every story has a happy ending. Paul’s story did to. People used to make fun of his profession (like a profession makes someone worse or lower), because of his weight and clumsyness. But when love stroke him, it turned that wish take care of your beloved ones can turn you into superhero, and your big weight might actually work for you. And after all, a true hero is not the one who is physically strong and good looking. Look around, heroes are regular people. They just sometimes need certain circumstance to become heroes.


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