Could our world be like that?

Have you ever thought what our world will be like in 5, 10, 50 years from now? Will it be better, will it be v1worse? What will humans be like? I think in all times there were people who asked the same questions. Some could give pretty accurate and truthful answer, some couldn’t. But did you ever think, whether all these fantasies expressed through movies could actually turn into truth? Is there any drop of actual possibility in there?

I mean look at all those catastrophy, terrorist attack movies – one way or another they happen in a real life. I mean sure, you can explain it with the fact that someone got inspired by certain movie and decided to bring the story to real life. But doesn’t that mean that any movie story could be brought up to real life? Something to think about.

Why have I started my post this way? Well, (as usual) because I want to discuss another movie I’ve watched. And this time it’s “Daybreakers”. In this movie  a near future is presented: 2019, 10 years after this tragic epidemia spread and people turned into vampires. As not a huge fan of vampire stories (especially after this massive film production on this theme, which now is stopped) I should say this movie was quite nice and interesting to watch, although it’s nothing special. However, here a different world is presented – dark, empty at a daytime, really depressive and grayish. Vampires, who formely were known as humans, are facing lack of human blood (“natural product”) which causes a lot of tension, rebellion and most importantly hunger.

Why is that happening? Well, because humans are in danger of extinction. And why did they remained humans? Because they didn’t want to become vampires, or as it was stated in the movie “Human were offered a chance to assimilate. But they refused”. And the ones who accepted being vampires, simply gave up on being humans.

What is really clear in ‘Daybreakers” is the two value system. 1. Value of life, of eternal life, painfree, diseasefree life. A life that for human might seem wanted, because it would give immortality, you just have to suck somebody’s blood. 2. Worth of real life, possession of future, knowing you will grow, grow old, experience things that can be experienced only through age changes. But it’s a matter of decision. Plus, for some to suck (kill) other people’s blood isn’t moral. Because life of vampire is so depresive – no sun, no daytime, and you’re constantly obssessed with blood consumption.

Sure, it’s just another addiction like drugs, alcohol or food. And sure, it’s just a movie, but when you think about that our society might turn into something like this, and I don’t necessarily mean into vampires. No. But society where human being is just a raw material, biological waste, kept as laboratory rat to search for new medications or anything (like blood replacements in the movie). Or maybe we already are the kind of society?

I mean people are trying to bring immortality closer: plastic surgery and beauty industry work in this field, pharmacy companies too. We all know about black market of tranplantology where human actually are a raw material for someone. On certain levels we already are all those things. Gladly not on that insanely inhuman way.

Talking about the movie I liked the character of Edward (Ethan Hawke) (it’s funny how vampire characterdaybreakers_img3_720 in different movies are called by the same name. What is it? A typical vampire name?). He doesn’t drink human blood even though he is a vampire. He doesn’t like being vampire (his brother tricked and turned him into one), he misses being human. So, all this makes him out of vampire world, it makes him stranger in this world. However, for other vampires blood subject seems so natural, like they’re discussing regular food or drink. It is strange a bit for me, because all those vampires not very long ago were human themselves.

You may agree or disagree with me on the impresions about this film. But there’s still something weird about these apocalyptic films. It somehow gives you the feeling that something might happen to our humanity, something horrible. And the most horrible and tragic thing would be the fact that we did it to ourselves on our own. And even though, the number of people on the planet is growing, only one mistake can make us extinct, especially in this all and everything selling and making money world. And to quite Ed’s words: “We have a cure. It’s not too late”.


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