Love, magic, Rome – for those who’ve lost faith in love


People getting more and more obsessed with their career, job, they just forget about other nice things in life, like falling in love. Well, though it’s a sad tendency, you can’t blame only them. Plus, today’s world is super pragmatic and people are not basing their lives on feelings,, instead they base it on more calculable things. Moreover, today we meet a lot of insincere people, who pretend to be someone else, you don’t know who can you trust, because it seems like everybody’s just trying to get something from you. But even we are shown that maybe not everything is so bad and sad. You don’t believe this might be true? Watch a film called “When in Rome”.

Yeah, I know you could say it’s a lame, cliché romantic comedy, but if we try to put all that aside, and enjoy it, maybe we’ll believe in magic we are showed in the film? No? Well, then at least maybe you’ll get inspired to pack your suitcase and go to Italy to see the beauty of it :), because I don’t know why, but American movies filmed in Europe has  it’s certain charm that makes you enjoy it even though the plot might suck.

The main character Beth (Kristen Bell) is exactly the person of 21st century – in love with her job, for her job comes first, personal life – second. For some it might seem weird, but I actually admire that kind of people who has this zest to work and reach their goal, putting aside everything that might impede it. And even if someone comes into their life (love) they do not sacrifice their career. On the other hand, why would they? Just to make their love partner feel better if he’s not that ambtious or successful? Well, maybe they shouldn’t be going the same way then?

But we’re only humans, we’re not machines. And when loves strikes you in love country Italy, you become kristen-bell-in-mezzo-alla-fontana-in-una-scena-del-film-when-in-rome-143422able to re-think some thinks and priorities. Especially, if that love is someone like Josh Duhamel’s character Nicholas. Just saying… because, you know, looking at first glance, a well educated girl, working at the museum just don’t really match with a guy who is obviously a fan of Warrant’sCherry pie”, but who knows who is our happiness and what he/she likes to listen to.

Of course, let’s not forget that our ambitiousness is not always to be blamed for not falling in love, or not finding love. Sometimes it just doesn’t come to us, or we have to wait long and patiently for it to come. Some people can’t accept it and try to find it desperately anyway. Well, it’s everybody’s decision. Then again, you can always turn to fountain of love (if you know where to find one) for a help :). Magic happens. Maybe. Sometimes. You know, Beth took 5 coins out of fountain and five men fell in love with her. She could have anyone she wanted, but the evil trick of magic was that she wasn’t sure which one fell in love with her for real.255e522af9a91e389a182a7690b47c7c However, The Beatles were right singing that all we need is love. One way or another, more or less we all are looking for it, we all are waiting for it, even those who say the opposite. However, it is sad that pretty often we get hurt because of love, we are in pain. Some ask: “Does love always have to be so painful?”. It’s a good question. I don’t know the answer. But some people get really inspired by this pain and create the most beautiful things: songs, poems, etc. Just don’t forget: love is a lottery – you never know if you’ll win a jackpot, or if you’re going to lose, and you never know when and if it’ll happen.

One particular aspect in this movie actually caught my attention. This pressure (especially coming on women) to get marry. It’s like sometimes it seems that women should (are obliged to) find their second half and marry him, not because they actually want it, or it is meant for them to happen, but because someone else wants it and expects from them (like parents, relatives, friends, society). Really? So what, if woman doesn’t want to get marry, or she won’t get married she becomes less of a person, or what? It’s like we’re living in the 21st century, but the opinions on this question comes from very very very long time ago. Sad.

P.S.One particular aspect of this film surprised me. Don Johnson. Just didn’t expect to see him playing in a role he did.

P.P.S. Dancing scene at the end – good one 😀



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