What you give you get back, sometimes from the closest people

turgenev_by_repin_1879Rarely people think about the consequences of their actions before they make them, or that things they give might come back. There’s nothing new in my previous sentence. But it sometimes hard to realise that everything bad you did for the others you’re getting back from your closest people – family, kids, relatives. Around this goes my impressions after reading another short fiction story written by Ivan Turgenev King Lear of the Steppes824dc564d97e843266a699368f86a5d4”.

Can’t say this story is something wonderful, but it has strong point and makes sense, despite the fact it’s a made up story. However, all made up stories has some true. So does this one. A story involves Martin Petrovitch Harlov – a strong, wealthy man, but without going into details, let’s discuss the most important parts of the stories. When Harlov gets older and feels he won’t be able to take care of everything as he used to, he decides to split his wealth to both of his daughters. Daughters that he loved and thought they love him back. He thought that after he splits his fortune both daughters will take good care of him. Well, he thought that’ what they are supposed to do.

But after the wealth was divided, things changed rapidly. None of the daughters wanted to take care of their father. His son-in-law became arrogant. Martin Harlov became needles to his own family. The story ended tragically – Martin Harlov destroyed his house and everything he gave to his daughters and died.

It would be just a story, but there are plenty of these stories in real life. One would go like this: children think that they should take care of their getting old parents if they get something from them, or they’ll get it when parents die (for example, house, money, business – anything). If they’re not getting it, then parents aren’t their problem. Horrible, considering the fact that when parents grow their kids they do it inspite the fact they will get or not something from them. Of course, there are plenty of those stories like the one happened to Harlov. After getting all the wealth kids abandon their parents.

I don’t know if this is a common thing for our times, or did it happen always, but it is so scary. Just imagine: you give birth to a child, you raise him/her, love them, tae care of them, do everything for them. And then one day wealth becomes more important to them then you – their mom or dad. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, or maybe I don’t understand something? Does it have to be that way? Is it OK?

Of course, we can’t skip the fact of getting back what you gave. If you were bad, unfair with others (not necesarilly with your family members) eventually all the bad will come back – that’s what actually happened to Harlov.

All in all, “King Lear of the Steppes” should become a story-example of what’s wrong and good, read in families, it should be an object of discussion between children (and not only small ones, but adults as well) and parents. Maybe, it’ll would help families to prevent of growing egoism and wish for personal profit.


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