A farewell to Rambo

300px-rambodvdThe time has come to discuss the last part of Rambo series – „Rambo“ (also known aas fourth part). When you’re about to see a movie of a series which last part was released about 20 years ago, you don’t know what to expect: it’s either going to be good or bad. So, I can’t really decide what was this part like: good or bad.

It sure was surprising to find out that Rambo 20 years after the event we’ve seen the last time, seems to live ascetically and  quietlyin Thailand catching snakes and taxiing people along the river on his boat. Kind of a retired Rambo – unusual thing to observe. However these things change when he meets the missionary people.

First of all he meets this woman who is complete opposite of his own, someone who still thinks that the world can be saved, good and peaceful. All the things that Rambo lost his faith in long ago. But with the presence of these missionairs who asks Rambo to help to reach Burma and bring there humanitarian help we (once again) are introduced with war and all its horror. This time it’s not a Vietnam, it’s not Afghanistan. This time it’s Burma crisis – cruel, bloody, insane human slaughter happening in 21st century.

What can I say about this film? Well, the most obvious thing is that this Rambo part is without a doubt the bloodiest Rambo part of all. All these killing, fighting, exploding human part scenes might look realistic (I mean I suppose that’s how it looks at war, but I might be wrong, because never been there, haven’t seen and hope not to see it). Second of all, Stallone and other people who worked on the film showed how war crisis looks like, how a government (it doesn’t matter what kind it is: dictatorship or any other kind) performs a genocide of their own people, creates a living hell in their own country treating human life as nothing, worse than anything). I know that things might be too exagerrated in the movie, but yet it was shown, the movie was released and the problem was exposed. And I think these things should be exposed, because for some people to start thinking about what is going on in other parts ot the Earth a movie is an effective trigger. There are enough tutty-fruttie love comedies where everything is nice and blooming, but we also need movies that shows us that not everything in our world is all that great.

I understand that Burmese government banned the movie in their country. It would be weird if they wouldn’t have. They were mad that Tatmadaw people were shown negatively, but all the things there were shown badly, dirty, sweaty, nasty, primitive… People were shown not as humans, but as monsters, killing machines, worse than animals. But I think these protest actions only showed that the problem was there and they didn’t like that other countries would see that, especially in the movie.

Again, as all Rambo part, this one also deal with the question with post traumatic disorder of those whorambo9 survived war. What is war for you? What killing means to you? Will you be able to live without all that, especially as it is stated in the movie „War is in your blood. Deal with it. You killed not for your country, but for yourself”. For yourself meaning so you could survive, but how will you survive after the war end?

Another problem that was touched was aging issue. If you’re from an older generation war veteran, younger figters aren’t taking you seriously. Why? Just because you’re older? But older people have lots of experience, they know thing youngers don’t. And it’s not all measured in physical strenght. Sometimes stronger are those who are wiser and obtain certain information, knowledge and skills. Rambo had all that, that’s why he survived. Moreover, he had some sort of honour code that a soldier should have: that their duty, vocation is live aimlessly or die.

Shortly about plot development: very few dialogues. Mainly fights, killing, blood. But maybe that was enough to expose a problem? Can’t give a straight answer.

Loved the ending. No words, no regrets, no nothing just coming home. Return. No more hiding. No more running from yourself.

P.S. Why is it farewell? Because it is uncertain whether there will be fifth part of Rambo series. Some say there won’t be, some say there might be… Who knows. But for now, it’s a farewell.


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