Where did human kindness go?

MV5BMTlmMTMyYmQtZGYyYi00N2RhLTk5NWYtOWQ0MjlmMzEwZTQ4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzQzNDc4NTQ@__V1_SY1000_CR0,0,666,1000_AL_I realise now isn’t the right time to discuss New Year themed movies (because it’s summer), but when is the right time? For me, the whole time from Christmas up untill New Year is in some way magical, when people tend to be better, or I tend to see them that way. We keep listening these nice Christmas songs, watching Christmas/ New Year movies. One I’ve just re-watched few days ago. Why did I do so in the middle of summer? No idea. But I liked it, yet it saddened me. Why? Because of what we are, of how behave with each other… But about everything from the beginning.

So, the movie I’ve watched was this russian New Years comedy „Yolki 3“ (Ёлки 3). (There are first two parts „Yolki“, „Yolki 2“, then there’s „Yolki 1914“ (the action took place obviouslyin 1914) and „Elki lokhmatye“ (the story of two dogs home alone). First of all, I should say that this isn’t only comedy, but a beautiful collection of stories about regular people that will make you drop some tears or even cry. Stories about different people who got connected through the „Boomerang of kindness“ (a theory that if you’ll do something kind to someone, not necesarilly someone you know, kindness will get back to you as a boomerang). There was a few storylines, but for me the most memorables where about an old man, dogs and of course, about the kindness in general.

About the old man.

Nikolai Petrovich is a lonely widowed man. His young neighbour Vika was on her way to fly



to London to meet her boyfriend, but she was asked to come home, because other neighbour was worried about Nikolai Petrovitch: no one has seen him for while, so they thought something must’ve happened. Everything was fine. Except, it was New Years Eve, he was alone decorating his Christmas tree. Turns out, decorating Christmas tree was a very special ritual for him, as every Christmas tree decoration had a special meaning, related with his wife. And accidentally he broke one of the decorations: the one he bought for his and his wifes first New Year.

Seems nothing special. But then he shows Vika another decoration: Lovebirds and says when one dies, another dies from saddness. He meant himself and his wife. He was dying from saddness. Why did it touch me? I think because I don’t know such people, who would feel about their other halfs that way. Maybe because there are no such people, or, maybe because there are no such feelings. Or maybe, because we are so closed, wearing masks, afraid to show how we feel about someone, because we think it’s embarrasing, or that our openess might cause us some damage. But when we lose somoene, we regret about not having told them about our feelings. Ain’t that sad? Ain’t that said that being kind and sincere nowadays is incovenient, especially if it doesn’t pay off?

About the dogs.


Loved this storyline. Loved that animals, specifically dogs (known for their loyalty) were chosen to show us – humans that we are no better than a dog. Why? Because when Yoko (a pure breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) was taken to London to meet her pure breed „boyfriend”, her „true love“ Pirate ( a simple breedless, yard-keeper) manged to go to London on her own to find her. It was shown that even a dog is ready to fight for something that is special to him (in this case love). Dogs were portrayed with all these qualities that humans pretty often lack.

Moreover, these dogs were an important chain that through the „Boomerang of kindness“ connected all these different people throughout Russia and brought some sort of kindness back to them.

About kindness in general.

I think it great that we get a chance to watch that kind of movies, even if it happens only on Christmas or New Year. This shows that there still is kindness in this world, though more often it seems we’ve lost it. I know that this „Boomerang of kindness“ (or other theories used in previous movies, like we all are connected through chain of six (each of us knows six people, each of them knows another six up until the circle close, or Christmas tree branch theory – there’s our branch but from our branch growss other, smaller ones, connecting us with other people), but the fact is we all are connected in some way. Maybe not directly.

However, we’re not spreading kindness, but somehow we expect to get it ourselves. How? From who? How can you get something, if you’re not giving it? It concerns every part of our life, every relationship we’re involved in: friendship, marriage, work, social life. It’s a mutual thing. Yet, today we made it one way thing: I get. No I give. Why? We are egoitistic. And it is really hard to brake this shell of ours. It’s like it is embarassing to do something kind, because everyone will shout „Why are you doing this, if you’re not getting anything from it?“. Really?

Look how we behave with our family members: we’re not even helping them if it we don’t get anything from them, because „Why should we?“. We live in our cocoons of safety zone and only seek our personal benefit. And, yes, sometimes I think that movies like „Yolki“ (even if it seems a lame thing) is one of the only things that shows us what kindness is and how it is used. A tool that is used once a year, and then the rest of the year kindness is absent.

Yes you could say there’s a lot of different charities, etc. but let’s start spreading kindness with little things: say something nice to someone, help someone to do something. Kindness is expressed not only by financial measures. I mean your kindness can be simply being with and for someone there, letting know you’re around, saying those three magical words I won’t type here, because Ithink you know them.

Be kind and spread it. Don’t expect to get it. You will get it anyway.

Be kind and spread kindness because you’ll feel so much happier then by just simply getting kindness.




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