Rambo: First Blood Part II: it’s even more deep

MV5BMTc5NTAxNjE4Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTg2MDcyMQ@@__V1_I had to write about „Rambo: First Blood II“ long ago, yet I didn’t, but I let myself to re-watch this film one more time. Basically, my opinion hasn’t change that Rambo series have a great idea and strong points to be showed. However, they didn’t express fully neither the idea nor those points, and I have some thoughts on why is that so.

First, as I have mentioned in my previous Rambo post, economically it wasn’t efficient. because let’s face it, masses like action. The more action the better. Ideas, values??? No, thank you. „We want to be entertained!“ – they say. Entertained not forced to think. And that’s what sells – ENTERTAINMENT.

Second, I very admire the creators who showed up the negativity of army men life. You know when you serve, protect, fight and die for your country because it needs you to do all those things, but when you need your country to serve, protect, fight and help it abandons you and says „I don’t need you“. Sad, but true. But I really enjoyed that creators made a point on the fact that Rambo is sent to check (and make photos) of US POWs who were in enemy custody and that was like all his job. We proof they’re there, but were not saving them. They’re our man, they served for their country, but that’s it. The country doesn’t save them. I really loved it was shown, however, it is a bit sad that it wasn’t shown more from a critical point of view. yet, it is comprehensible, because you make a movie about your country, and of course there will be those who won’t feel happy about this sort of criticism. Plus, when the film came out it wasn’t that long ago after Vietnam war really ended, so the wounds were still bleeding and response could have be not good.

„To survive a war, you gotta become a war“

One of the most memorable quotes to me and it represents our (well, most of our) lives today. In the movie is touched only relationship between soldier and country, but isn’t this relationship identical to the one of us and the country? Aren’t we all used to protect, fight, help country? Sure, you can say that’s how it works: for a succesful country people should work, and they should protect it. It just seems that we do it not for the country, but for the wealth of certain human beings. look at how many war conflicts were started in the last, let’s take it, 5 years. And what did we get from it? Countries are ruined, people are dead, homeless, huge terrorism… And when regular citizens say „We don’t want all of this happening anymore“ nobody cares. But isn’t this care what a country owns us?

Yet what we’ve got is our ability to become war. Cruel, everything destroying war. That’s what we’ve turning to, or most already have turned. if we won’t destroy, we’ll be destroyed by someone else. it’s a tragic tendency that is only growing.

You can say Rambo is fictional character, with a fictional story line and dialogues. But cannot deny that all this fiction is taken from our lives, meaning these things are true on a cerain level. And even such mass oriented films like Rambo series are good at bringing these difficult issues up.


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