First blood: old, but hasn’t lost its urgency

MV5BNzk5NDc4MDQyNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzg5NTYxMTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_A character named Rambo knows probably everyone. For those who were kids back in 1980s and 1900s Rambo was like a God. Fierless, extremely strong and musculed – he was an idol of and for a man.

For me Rambo character and movies about him were the classical example of Hollywood action movies. Where always is a superhero, a lot of shooting, explosions, fights, killings, etc. And then I actually watched this movie. Good God! “First blood” has such a great idea, such a deep meaning! But they clearly could have made this strong, great psychological drama about a Vietnam war veteran, who’s struggling with his post-war traumas, he’s dealing with his current life issues, and all they could do is this?

I’m not saying “First blood” is a bad movie, but they could have worked this idea much better. I think John Rambo character is much more deep and interesting than he was actually revealed – a steel soldier, created to kill and survive. Nothing human being except one scene almost at the end of the film.

But I understand that financially it is better to create a popular action movie than a serious film, that could bring much more to the people.

Now, why did I say that “First blood” hasn’t lost its urgency? Because it didn’t! Vietnam war ended like 40 years ago. But the wars didn’t end. They still continue, or start from the beginning. There sre still those who die at the war, and there are those who get the chance to come back home. Injured, disabled, without some parts of their body, or lucky enough to be physically healthy, but destroyed psychologically, mentally, or both physically and psychologically.

For John Rambo it was hard to live in a country that send him to the war, and which later abandoned him. Saddly, that’s the situation that lots of war veterans experience after they return from the war. It’s pretty much the same in all countries (of course, there are exceptions). You’re a hero as long as you’re fighting for your country, but when you get back, no one realy cares about you. It’s like : “why should we care about you, you did your job, now it’s over. You’re not at war anymore, you’re on your own now”.

No one even care or thinks about how hard it must be for a soldier to get to normal life after all the horror he has experienced during the war. If we get to Rambo, we can clearly see that he was ruined, he didn’t know any other way of living like the one in Vietnam. Moreover, no wonder, that now in ukraine, women whose men got back home from the war, can’t recognize their husbands. Once loving, caring, gentle men return as angry, violant monsters who beat up not only their wifes, but their kids too. Saddly, for those who decide on starting any war all these things doesn’t matter.

So my point here is that the idea of “First blood” is truly great. And nowadays we need more movies about the destructive effects of war, how it destroys a human being, how it destroys all us. Maybe it’s enough of those films that glorify war, fighting untill the very last breath for the great country (no matter which one)? We’ve got the point that standing for our country is important. But we’ve also learned that war doesn’t bring anything good either.


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