When adults don’t believe in magic

tooth fairyI think I won’t be wrong if I say that we all believed in some kind of magic, miracles or fantasies when we were kids. I mean who didn’t believe about the existence of Santa Claus? To be honest, there are adults who still do 🙂 .  And you probably still remember that moment when you grew out of these beliefs, and yet your parents kept it vivid. When you think about it now, it was oh so nice to be able to believe in that kind of magic. Somehow as an adult you can’t do it anymore, or if you do, it’s not the same. You still feel the lack of sincere, pure, undamaged belief that only childhood shines.

But there’s another thing I’d like to bring out. After watching a movie called “Tooth fairy” with Dwayne Johnson (yeah, not the most serious choice of the movie, but don’t judge me) I asked myself why do adults brake the magic that little kids believe in? I mean they probably used to believe in something too, so why they intentionally take that away from others?

In “Tooth fairy” Johnson’s character  tells his girlfriends daughter that Tooth fairy does not exist and stals a dollar left for Tooth fairy before. Well, he gets paid for this and becomes a Tooth fairy, but it’s not the point right now. The point is why?

I would really love to have one clear answer to this question, but all I have is some hypothetical explanations. So here they are:

1. Maybe adults think that believing in Tooth fairies, Santa Claus at certain age isn’t appropriate. Well, maybe believingin Santa when you’re 15-16 isn’t mature enough, but still at least parents should explain it more nicely, carefully to a , I don’t , 8 – year-old. Because kids also have feelings, and finding out that Santa does not exist can be painful. In this case, the best option would be, for them to find out on their own as they grow up. It would be as natural process. I remember when I stopped believing in Santa Claus, it came to somehow naturally. I don’t remember any saddness about it, it just came and that’s it.

2. Adults may say these things by accident or kids jus overhear about it. By accident might happen, when a parent and child are arguing about something, and adult just spits it out:

– “You’ve been bad, and you won’t get any presents for Christmas!”,- dad says.

– “How do you know? Santa WILL bring me presents”, – a child answers.

– “No he won’t, because there’s no Santa, it’s us who puts all of your presents under the Christmas tree”, – dad rejoins.

– Totally made up dialogue, but proof me that this kind of talking couldn’t happen

3. I’ve point this one out, but I don’t want to believe this might really be the reason: adults say these things intentionally to hurt kids. If these adults are parent then oh my God,they are terrible. And I don’t think that in this case there’s anything to say. This shouldn’t be done in such a harsh way with these kinds of intentions.

Anyway, “Tooth fairy” shows us some good things. It shows us that as an adults we should be tolerant to kids and what they believe, we should’nt hurt them and take away their childhood too early. We also can learn from this film, that a little bit of magic or fantasy would colour OUR lives. And we should never ever forget that every single one of us were kids once. Kids with dreams, wishes, miracles, fantasies and beliefs.


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