“Epic movie”: a joke or the title’s too strong?

Most of the people like or, at least, enjoy watching parodies. It’s fun, it’s interesting to look someone playing another (famous) person, character or its way of talking or behaviour. But parody must be tasty, it epic movieshould be made with talent otherwise it will look filthy. Filth – that’s exactly what happens with most of parody movies.

Time after time we find out about various releases of that kind of films. The last parody film I’ve seen recently was “Epic movie” (as it is obvious from the title of my entry 🙂 ). If you’ve seen this one then you know that it contained parodies on several famous movies of that year (for example, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and a few others).

I don’t know how about you, but I did not like this movie. I didn’t find the jokes or entire idea to be funny. Maybe I didn’t find it to be funny, because I don’t understand that kind of humour. I don’t know. But these kinds of movies remind me of imature behaviour of teenage boys. Maybe that’s because these movies are oriented towards teenagers, but then when I think about it, what’s the point for known actors to play in such movies?

Another thing about this film: the choice of the movies that were parodied. Why exactly these movies were picked? Because they were knew? Because they were bad or good? I really don’t think that the reason was the badness of those movies. So, it’s either newliness ir goodness. But are these arguments to wreck good things in such way it was done in “Epic movie”.

Moreover, you can hear or read reviews made by other people about “Epic movie” or any other film of this genre; and you can learn that people do not find these films interesting or good. But paradoxically, they still go to cinema and pay money for the chance to see it. Why? Why are we behaving so? Are we so consumery dependent that we take and consume everything we are offered? I keep asking, but anyone could easily ask me the hell I watched it. I was trying to understand whether there’s a problem with me (because I don’t find these films to be intresting) or with those films.

And lastly, I have to share my thoughts about the title of this movie, especially since I’ve mentioned this aspect in the title. I really want to think that this title was picked as a joke (in fact, it was most probabvly so), because “epic” has a very strong connotative meaning. And let’s be honest this movie has nothing to do neither with being strong or grand in current film industry, don’t you think?


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