When everything goes…Different

Can one person, that you’re not even familiar with ruin all your plans? Can that person make your whole wordl and life due datego upside down? Can that person turn your life into a living hell and then become you friend? I’d say he can, but it shouldn’t be funny as it was in “Due date”. Yeah, this time the duet of Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr.  got into LOTS of the adventures, that normal people don’t get into and made this movie really nice to watch.

I think I should mention the lead actors in the first place. Well, I don’t know how about you, but for me watch movies with Robert Downey Jr. is always a huge pleasure. He doesn’t even have to play something really hard; he’s character may be  pretty simple and the film might be lame, but Downey Jr. somehow (I don’t know how) will work it out so damn good, that you will be amazed by his work. I don’t know whether it’s his talent or something else that makes him so good in every role.

It might be charisma or this this passion as well inside him, it’s hard to tell, especially when you’re not familiar with the man in person. Like, in this movie, I can’t say that his character was special, or exceptional. On the contrary, he played this self – possessed, controlling his life man, who gets into strangiest situations. And yet, you see the sparkle in his eyes, that are telling you: “I can still kick some ass; don’t you think I can’t just because I’m playing a calm guy. Calm people are full of shit”.

I like to think that in every of his characters are hidden a little piece of Iron Man’s toughness and Scherlock Holme’s venturesomeness.

Zach, Zach Galifianakis… Oh, this roundish man with a huge beard will always put a smile into your face. I admire when people with a serious face expression are able to make others laugh. This is what I call talent. But there’s another thing that bothers me about Galifianakis. Has he ever played not a comedy character? If not, it would be really interesting to see him doing it. To see him, for example, in a drama, how that genre would fit him, and how he fits other genre. Simply curious.

Bu these are just my considerations. I actually want to talk about other things related to the ideas of the movie. Basically, there are two of them: treating people in a wrong way, the opposite attraction and reaching for your dream. That’s how I titled them :).

Treating people in a wrong way.

Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) meets Ethan Trembley (Zach Galifianakis) and his life just starts go worse and worse. Peter doesn’t like Ethan, Maybe even hates him at times. Does Ethan deserve that? Maybe. But we also see, that Ethan is different from all the other people (well, as we all are), he’s completely opposite to Peter. But does this mean that Peter should treat him badly? No. And this does serve for all of us.

Each and every one of us compares others to ourselves, and that’s wrong. We all are different, we all were raised in different countries, cultures, families, with different valuos and views to life. And yes, sometimes, these things brings duesome misunderstanding, frustrations and other bad things when we start to communicate with each other. Though, I don’t think it should.

Since we’re all are different, we should respect each other, learn what’s good about our differences and try to avoid, o r work through the bad things. But there’s no way we can humiliate, judge, insult, make fun of, or somehow in other way make a persons life worse, just because he’s different. If someone is different that you, it doesn’t mean he’s worse than you; he actually might be even better, you just have give him and yourself a chance to see it. And I think the example of Ethan and Peter shows us that pretty well.

The opposite attraction.

It is thought that we select those people to be our friends, with whom we have most in common. True, if we share the same interests, if we have same views, we find it interesting to be with those people. They are closer to us. But you know what also is true? The opposite attraction. Those who are opposite to us attract us. Why? Only God knows. Maybe they have something we don’t, and we like that. Maybe they behave like we would never ever do. And we like that. Maybe they are what we’re afraid to be – and we like that. Maybe they even think that our interest are dumb, and we don’t share the exact same point of view. And yet, we don’t dislike that.

It’s the same with Peter and Ethan. Peter is irritated by Ethan, but eventually he starts to think of Ethan as a friend. I think that those people completely different to us, have something  (or maybe not) that pulls us together. Why does this happen, probably some specialists could explain that, but no matter any explanation I think it’s great.

I mean, look at the situation this way: isn’t this great to have friend who, even though irritates you, is able to show where you are wrong, or that maybe you peacocked too much? Or isn’t this great to have a friendly dispute about something you both have different opinions? It doesn’t always have to go like this

– That’s my opinion.

– Oh my God, I think exactly the same.

– Great….

And you’re done. Because you both agree on the thing and there’s nothing more to talk.

Reaching for your dream.

It’s hard. Especially if no one believes in you. That’s what happened to Ethan, when he said he wants to become an actor. I won’t say anything knew: if you want something really hard, and you know you can reach it – just do it. And to care if someone will say that you can’t, or not worth it. As soon as you succeed, the ones who said you’re a looser will be the first to become the ones who will say: “Hey, we said you going to to it, we believed in you!”.  Lies, lies, lies.

Peter did not believe in Ethan’s success, but Ethan succeded.

The one thing I’d like to say at the end of this post, is this: if someday someone will tell you about his dream and you won’t believe in it, don’t tell to that person. Keep it to yourself. Because your disbelief might be wrong. And otherwise you can hurt, or ruin someones life, just because You were wrong.

P.S. Ethan character’s dog was adorable.



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