A love story from medieval to our ages

I find it amazing when stories like Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” can countall those many years of living. The same thing I can say about a legend about Tristan and Isolde. A legend that reaches us from 11th century! Isn’t this amazing? tristanLove story that happened, or maybe not (who knows) still is interesting and still fascinates people from all over the world.

I was not familiar with this love story/legend before I’ve watched the film “Tristan and Isolde” with James Franco as Tristan and Sophia Myles as Isolde. Although, I remember hearing the names of the main characters long ago. But that’s not very important.

Did I enjoy this movie? Well, yeah. It’s a great way to spend some time nicely in the evening. What did I think of the movie? Hmm, I don’t think I can answer that in only one sentence, because this film made me think of some stuff.

I asked myself a question in the las paragraph, and now I’m wondering how to answer it. Somehow it’s hard for me to say what I want. Don’t like when that happened. But I’ll try.

So, the movie itself was interesting. And sometimes even surprising. As usually I won’t be re-telling the plot, but I must mention that this love story doesn’t have a happy ending, there’s no “they lived happily ever after” :(. Just like “Romeo and Juliet”. Hey! Maybe “Tristan and Isolde” inspired Shakespeare to write his famous love tragedy? Or maybe not. But there are some similarities between these two stories. OK. It’s not the point.

Get back to the unanswered question! 🙂

Even though I was interested in this story, while I was watching it, and yet I had these strange feelings and thoughts about this whole story. Mainly about the tristan character.

Tristan – is a a kind, brave, charming, loyal, caring, strong and devoted man. He’s a real man, hero (not like a hero, that isoldehas only physical powe, but a a hero as a mortal man, as each one could be alike, but for some reasons aren’t. Weird explanation.) I don’t know why, but the whole time I was watching the film, I kept thinking “Man, there’s no way a man would behave like Tristan just did”, or “There are no such men like Tristan today”.

And maybe there never were men like tristan? Maybe people just make up those kind of characters, personalities, like Tristan. “Why?” – you’ll ask. Maybe that is done so we could try to become like those characters,especially if we can’t be like them, in a natural way. Maybe, characters like Tristan are made up, like some sort of a primary point in scale of values, to from where can you start and become better. I don’t know.

Another thing that amuses me in the stories like this, is the love line. Again, love between main characters is shown like something divine, as if there’s nothing higher, better, more beautful and magical than this. It’s something you can risk everything for it, you’d die for it. But does this kind of loveexist nowadays? I don’t know.

There are those who say: “Yes, this kind of love truly exists”. But then you see things like divorce, misunderstanding, love for money, betrayal, no devotion to each other, no taking responsibility, disrespect, no values… Can we still talk about the LOVE when there’s none of the mentioned things goes in hand? I don’t know.

But when you watch this movie, you see THAT perfect and ideal love. And then you ask yourself : “Did that kind of love exist only in 11th century?”. No. Back then there were all those things (like, love and marriage for money) we talked just earlier. So, what is it then? Maybe that whole love thing does not exist at all? Maybe it’s just only a good theme for movies?

I don’t know.

I wish I knew, though. I wish I could give one, clear answer. The only thing I can say, is if throughout the entire existence of our civilization people were and still are talking about love, and they keep creating and admiring characters like Tristan and Isolde and their love, they do it for some certain reason. And that brings some sense into our lives.

And in conclusion, I want to add, that it is so awesome when movies, time spent watching them forces us to start thinking. Even if those thoughts aren’t closely realated to a detailed plot of the movie. When we’re thinking and trying to understand things, find some kind of an answer, we live, we grow. It’s great!


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