What do men talk about?

It is thought that all women are chatty, an men, on the other hand, are the quite, silent ones. Women can talk about everything: relationship, home, husband, boyfriend, kids, health, sex, food, literature… and so on, and so on. The list is menendless. And somehow it is thought that men don’t talk about all these things. Well, they don’t talk at all. This is kind of misleading. Because men do talk, they talk especially a lot with their friends. Other men.

In 2010 was released a great Russian movie called “О чём говорят мужчины”. In english it would be “What  men talk about”. This movie shows what is like a friendship between men, what do they talk about (yes, they talk, again!) when there’s no women around. Basically it’s a movie about men for men, but ladies, this is worth to see for you too.

A won’t retell the plot, because it’s really plain: four guys meet up to go to concert of the famous rock band in Russia “BI-2” , which will take place in Odessa. Two out of four have some problems before leaving, but they work things out and go on this road trip. On their way to concert they all face different kinds of adventures. See, it’s simple. But that’s not the point. The point, I think, is men’s behaviour. Why? Let’s take a look.

  1. We can see, that male friendship is a real thing. And a very important kind of relationship for men. They can have wifes, kids, families, girlfriends, jobs, but it is vital for them to have a company of his friends. Sometimes, those friends are from their childhood. So, no matter what women say about men’s inability to be in a long time relationships, that’s not true. They can be in a long time relationship ( because friendship is also a relationship), maybe not with women, but with men/friends for sure.
  2. Why it is vital for men to have a good company of friends, and spend time with them? Well. Obviously everyone needs friends that he or she could spend time with. Men are not an exceptions. Friends are needed to have fun, spend a good time, relax from all the tension at work, in family, from women. A company consisting only of men is great chance to have these male talks, that only men can have. You know, have some beers, or maybe some other drinks, and talk about what’s lying on your mind and heart. Talk about things you can’t or don’t want to talk with women.
  3. And finally, what do men talk about? EVERYTHING! Seriously, everything. All that stuff women talk about, men also talk. For example, in this movie, main characters talk about women (most of the time about the women), money, job, cars, sports, family, art, music, adventures, relationship… Yup, they care about these things and many more. So, that long lasting belief about silent men are false, truly false. Plus, sometimes men are way chatter than women are. I know those men. 🙂

So, why this movie would be interesting for men? Well, they could seea great and funny movie about themselves. And why is it good for women? To see and learn some things about men, and start to bhave a bit different. Because some women, especially married ones, don’t like when their husbands meet with their friends, specifically if those friends are not married. Somehow women start to think that man/husband is their own property and men should behave the way women wants. Of course, exactly the same thing I can say about men behaviour with their wifes. But this time not about that.

In the end, I’ d like to recommend this film to everyone who’s interested in it. It’s really good. How good? Watch it. You’ll see. 🙂



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