When he becomes a she

If you think that I’ll be talking about transexual people, in particular, about the men, who don’t like being men and want to become a woman, then your first impresion is wrong. Everything is much simplier, or, on the contrary, much harder. tootsieTodays entry will rely very closely on the movie called “Tootsie”.

Yes, it’s pretty old. But who can care about the age of the movie when it’s so damn good. On some point it is a legendary movie.

When I heard about this movie for the first time, I thought it’s going to be a plain comedy, where a man pretends to be a woman for certain reasons and gets into all these funny situations. You know, I thought it would be something like “Some like it hot”. But actually “Tootsie” was/is much more than just a comedy, it’s a much deeper movie. Here serious issues are analysed,  in my opinion, and they are still very important today.

The first issue – young people’s disability to find a job and build up their life. Dustin Hoffman’s character Michael Dorsey isn’t a very  young actor ( but this also fits to young people as well), who is really trying to find a descent job, but he can’t. The main reason why he can’t find a job, because no one wants to hire him, because it’s hard to work with him, even though he’s good and talented. But sometimes  personality isn’t a reason. We hear pretty often than young people can’t find a job even if they aren’t bad at what they’re doing. Pretty often ( and in real life as well) things aren’t going as well as we’d want to, or as they should go not because you’re not good or talented enough, but because you’re not lucky enough, or the circumstances aren’t right, or some people will always find a reason why you can’t get a certain job.

But people, society don’t really care about these things. If something goes wrong, they’ll just say that you’re a looser and that’s why you have failed. Or, that you didn’t try hard enough and you haven’t put enough effort. And no one will care that did everything and even more to reach your goal, or dream.

Is it right? Is it the way it should be? I think, maybe not. Because all people are different, there are sensitive ones, who outlive their failures really though. And if there’s no one to support, ar at least someone, who could say some nice, encouraging words, the person can jus become very closed.And on the contrary there are plenty of those, who would call that person a failed one, a looser. And I don’t think this the best example of how society can be supportive or good, and I don’t think this is treating people the right way.

What consequences all this can cause? Well, firstly, I think it make brake thos people who failed at something down. It might stop them from doing anything at all in the future. They might become extremely passive. Or, which is worse, they might become depressed and start thinking about ( or even committing) a suicide. And don’t say I’m talking crazy stuff.

Of course, some like Hoffman’s character in “Tootsie” might start doing very unusual things, like pretend to be a woman to get a role, a job. Sure, for the actor it’s a great challenge and experience to become the opposite sex for a while. But not to live like that all the time, especially if you don’t feel like a woman, you don’t think you are or should be a woman.

So basically, you’ll do anything to avoid another failure and becoming a looser. Now, doesn’t this sound miserable?

On the other hand, there’s another issue brought up in “Tootsie”, in my opinion. An interesting and important one – women. Women are beautiful, smart, women are interesting, women are hard to understand. Why? I don’t know. Maybetootsie2 it’s because they really are difficult and hard to understand, o r maybe it’s because men don’t even try to understand trully them. They just want to get from women what they want and need without trying to learn women, to understand who they are, what they are, what they want, think about, dream about, care about… Men (sometimes) don’t understand how hard it is to be a woman. Now and then (1982) a woman in our society must be successful, educated, have made a career, be sexy, a good wife, mom, mistress, housekeeper. She must be everything in one person.  Nonetheless, she also has feelings, emotions, needs, as well as, problems that she must solve. And for some men it’s hard to realize and understand all that.

Mostly men are interesting in how the woman looks like, is she beautiful, does she have nice boobs or ass, whether she’s blonde or dark haired, how long her legs are… It’s like they’re interested in her as in a thing or a furniture. But I think that the creators of “Tootsie” succeeded in  letting  men into women’s world, to become one and find out how it’s like.  And I think they reached their goal showing that physical beauty of  the woman is not the accent. Women aren’t just physically beautiful, theirs is way more things to like about them.

I also think that Dustin Hoffman did a great job playing Dorothy Michaels in this movie, and he used this kind of experience in his real life. Plus, not so long ago he talked about his role in “Tootsie” and broke down in tears. If you haven’t seen this – watch, if you did – watch it once more.


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