National treasures: continuing with historical adventures

My last blog entry about  Dan Brown’s “Inferno” hadn’t a lot  of historical facts, yet it was related to them through book. This entry will probably be similar in the same way. Another common thing between these two entries is the treasurefact, that both  stories are made up.

I suppose that it wasn’t hard to realise that today my post will be related with the movies “National treasure” and “National treasure: Book of secrets” (that’s way I used the plural form of the word tresure in the title 🙂 ) with Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Jason Bartha, John Voight and other. Must say that the cast of the actors in these movies were actually very good.

What can I say about these films? I loved them! I loved the idea, the story, it was so fun to watch these movies. I don’t know why, but I love this kind of genre and stories. For me it’s a pleasure to watch how people, like the main character of “National treasure” Benjamin Franklin Gates (high-sounding name), use their knowledge, intelligence to solve historical mysteries, to find some hidden treasures and not because they wan’t to get rich, but because thei love what they do, they’re intereste in their job, they’re passionate about their work.

I admire when people are so passionate about their job, when they can’t live without it. And especially when this passion for dream job and knowing who do you want to become when you grow up, comes from childhood. This is so nice. And I think if everybody would be so enthusiastic about what they do, man, our civilisation would be sooo progressed right now. I mean way more than it is now. Can you imagine how manynational treasures would there be?

However, these movies aren’t about this. It’s about treasures, like meerschaum pipe, invisible map on Declaration oftreasure2 Independence, which Ben and his friend Riley steal from a museum (it’s unbelievable, because we all know how original valubles are protected, especially in USA), Book of Secrets – it’s a book where all kinds of secrets are kept, like UFO, or about killing John Kennedy, and etc. For me it was a little bit of shame that creators mentioned about this book, well, actually it had a different role in the movie, than I think it could have had. Considering that there were kep all kind of secrets concerned wit the history of the USA. So, I think that creators could narrate this concept wider and include pretty cool elements to the whole story and a film.

So, even though these movies were rated on IMDb only 6,9 and 6,5 ( I don’t know why I’ve mentioned this, usually I don’t care about any kinds of rating,except when poor ratings coincides with my own poor opinion about movie) I loved them. It was fun, interesting, involving, I liked how characters were revealed and that they were all so different. Moreover, I found it great that history was joined with modern technologies, I mean  that facts and stuff learned from the books was working in hand with technologies and vice versa. And sure, in both parts there were relationship: romantic, difficult, but ot gave a certain spice to the dish :). Enjoy.


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