Leap year – every four years

The term leap year I used in the title not accidently :).  I used it, because I’ll be writing about the movie called “Leap year”. A nice, warm, romantic comedy.

LeapA lot of people would say that all romantic comedies are lame and exactly the same. I agree that most of them are really similar to one another: there’s usually a SHE, and at first SHE’S getting marry to HIM NO. 1, but then SHE meets HIM NO.2. And SHE falls in love with HIM NO.2, but before becoming happy with HIM NO.2, they have to get through all these weird, funny and sometimes stupid things.

“Leap year” movie has all these things (well, almost all) I’ve mentioned above. SHE – ANNA (Amy Adams) is from a good family, she’s responsible, fashionable, modern, working women, who’s unhappy because her long-time time boyfriend hasn’t proposed to her. So Anna feels desperate to hear thos three magical words from her boyfriend and decides to fly to Ireland and propose to him (:) )  on 29th of February.

But… Because of the weather her plans are changed.And because of that, Anna meets HIM No. 2- DECLAN (Matthew Goode), who is completely different from her boyfriend. He is a simple man, rude, forthright, but he’s honest and true. Declan is who is; he’s not pretending to be better than he really is. I won’t get into all these plot details, like what they’ve got through and so on. I’ll just say that Anna dumped her boyfriend, flew back to Ireland to Declan.

It’s crazy (probably in a good way) when a person (doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman) can leave his past, present life, relationship to be with someone you love, even though you may not have all that you had (good things, comfort, financial stability, whatever). It is a  refusal, a sacrifice from everything for love. It’s a wonderful thing, I guess. For me it’s pretty hard to judge.

But what is the role of leap year here? After all, the term is used in the title, so it must be somehow significant. Well, first of all,  we all know that we have leap year once in afour years, when we have one additional day on February. Some people think then leap year is a very hard period, when a lot of tragic things happens. I don’t know they think so, personally I haven’t noticed any tendence of catastrophies during leap years, but I might be wrong. And second of all, another explanation of the realation between leap year and this movie would sound like this – according to an Irish tradition if a woman purposes to a man on a 29th of February must accept her proposal :). I don’t if this tradition is true and is still enshrined in Ireland, I guess only the Irish people could tell about it more, but it’s a nice tradition, it’s like breaking the rule, that only men have to purpose. So, ladies, go ahead and don’t be shy :).

At the very end of my post, I’d like to say for those, especially who are sceptical about romantic comedies, that most probably won’t find anything new in this movie (especially in the plot line). But I have to admit that “Leap year” isn’t a bad movie. On contrary, it was reaaly nice to watch it. I mean, after all, a little bit of romance and good emotions are good for everyone once in a while.  And if you still don’t like  love stories, but you still happen to watch this movie, then just enjoy the pretty nice scenes of Ireland :).


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