Alpha dog or how cruel young people can be

This time I’ve decided to write about “Alpha Dog” movie (yup, I’m heading from comedy to criminal drama, who alphaknows maube next time I’ll write something about animation J ). To be honest I don’t know how to start this entry. Probably now is the best time to say that this film shocked me a little bit, and the main reason why I got shocked was finding out that “Alpha Dog” movie was based on a true story.

A story develops around a bunch of young people who are like a gang or something, and their main occupation is to sell marijuana, drugs, get lots of money and live the American Dream. There’s nothing really new about this, but the one thing that surprised me was the role of the main characters Johnny Truelove’s (Emile Hirsch) fathers Sonny Truelove (Bruce Willis).  Sure, Sonny is also involved in all drug selling business, but still help your son do the same and be fine about it… Yeah, that’s to weird for me.

Another shocking part of this films is the role of Jake Mazursky (Ben Foster). At first his the member of truelove’s gang, then he owes him a lot of money, so Truelove decides to kidnap Jakes half-brother Zack (Anton Yelchin). Still don’t get what’s so shocking here?It schocked that even after Jake found out who kidnapped Zack, he kept the silence from his dad and police. Sure, if he said anything most probably that he would be caught as a member of the gang. But on the other hand if you love your younger brother so much, why not to try to save him? After all, you’re kind of responsible for his kidnapping.

Let’s move on from one brother to another – Zack. This kidnapped guy was interesting. When he found out that he is kidnapped he liked it! He enjoyed hanging out with kidnappers, their friends. Some would say that he suffered from Stockholm syndrome, maybe. Or maybe a teenage guy, who lived in a very nice  and boring family, with extremely overprotective mother, for the very first time in his life felt like something fresh, interesting, exciting happened to him.

When Johnny and his friends decided to kidnapp Zack, at first thei didn’t intent to kill a teenager. But at the end Zack was killed by those with whom he became friends. Honestly, I really didn’t think that this is how going to end the movie. Honestly. And this only proofed that youn people can be so cruel. This is terrifying, that a young people can so easily take someones, who are way younger, life. Basically for no reason.

And I shoul mention (in a few words) about true story, upon which this movie was based. The real story happenend not so long ago in 2000. A drug dealer named Jesse James Hollywood kidnapped and killed 15 – year old Nicolas Markowitz, a half – brother of Benjamin Markowitz, who owe 1,200 dollars to Jesse James.

More about this tragedy you can read (if you’re interested) here:

The saddest thing in this story (both, real and movie) is the fact that over 30 people knew about that Zack was kidnapped, but NO ONE called to the police to say that he is kidnapped, who has kidnapped him and where he is at the moment. That’s how indifferent people are. Indifferent and cruel.


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