Crazy on the outside? Little bit.

crazyWhen you get a chance to watch a movie with Tim Allen at least what you expect is to have  quite a good time watching that movie. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of movie. (Again, I’m not saying don’t watch it; the decision, whatever it will be, is only up to. If I don’t like it, it doesn’t mean you won’t like it).

A movie is about a guy named Thomas (Tim Allen), who just went out of jail and returned to his sister Vicky (Sigourney Weaver). Thomas is trying to get back to normal life and leave his criminal life and inprisonment behind. All crazy things are related with characters and their behaviour. Thomas’s sister is a liar; she lies to everyone and about everybody and involves her brother in a weird situations. Thomas’s ex-girlfriend (played by Julie Bowen, better known like Claire from “Modern family”) is dating some old guy, but is willing to have sex with Thomas anytime, and she’s a bit psycho. Then there’s Thomas’s parole officer with whom Thomas would love to date, her son, Thomas’s old criminal buddies and etc. So all those characters involve Thomas into this crazy whirlwind against his will.

So what feelings came after watching this film? I can’t say neither good nor bad ones. The right answer would be: probably neutral ones. Why? Let’s see:

–          right now I can’t remember any funny moments ( usually I do remember really funny parts of movies);

–          the plot itself wasn’t neither very interesting nor involving. I mean, a bit more efforts into developing the plot, could have been put in;

–          some of the characters weren’t convincing.

But the good thing about this movie is the idea. The idea about integrating former prisoners into society and bringing this theme into masses is truly awesome.

Of course, there are different kind of people, different kind of situations, so I can’t say that this integration works 100%  each time. No. But still, we all live in civilised world, and democratic values, that works in most of countries, states that all people have the right to live worthily, and everyone, who has made a mistake, has a right to correct or try his/her life from white new page. So, it’s great that in this movie (comedy!) this issue was brought up.

So, basically:

–          not fun;

–          plot could be better;

–          showed the issue about integrating former prisoners into society.

This is what I can tell about “Crazy on the outside”


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