“People are chasing faith, and faith – people…”

366892Some time ago I read a book called “The place of the skull” by Chingiz Aimatov. This is the very first book written by this author, that I read. I don’t know why I choose this book, I just found it at home.

This is … an interesting, unusual book, where serious, philosophical things are discussed. But mostly I was amazed how well this Soviet and Kyrgiz author conveyed the portraits of people. Especially, he very precisely drew selfishness, cruelty, intolerance, hate and all the other negative things human being can spread.

This book introduces a reader with three stories: Avdiy’s, wolve’s and Boston’s stories ( some people marks only two story lines: man’s and wolf’s) . Wolves, actually play a very significant role in this book ( and all stories).

Animals and they lifestyle are shown in true harmony. Harmony, that people won’t be able to reach, because they’re able only to destroy. Destroy the ones, that can’t  protect themselves, and destroy themselves.

Aimatov in this book shows a lot of Soviet era problems, that maybe at the time when this book was first published, it wasn’t very usual to talk about. Problems like drugs, selling drugs, rape of nature in the name of raw material, killing of animals – all the problems, that Soviet times was prefered not to talk about or maybe even hide. Because you know, there are things that should be kept in silence.

Aimatov showed how bad a human can be, as well. WE can beat up a man to death just because he believes in things we don’t. We can take away baby wolves from their mom, just to earn money, we can traduce the other, just because he’s successful, working and better than we are.

Do you see where I’m going? People are, well maybe I should say can be just horrible! Why do we do all those bad things? What is wrong with us? Can we be different? Can we be better?

The book published more than 20 years ago, written at different times, still brings all these questions up and still is relevant. Is it good? Well, if we still see those bad things happening, then no. But if it still makes us think that those bad thigs are really bad, then yes. But until we’re discussing about those problems, mentioned in the book, everything is not that bad.




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