“I imagined war. But I didn’t imagine war… Such a war”

Is it really possible to know what war is like? Yes, if you’ve been there, if you saw that horror right in front of you. Can you say you know what it feels like to be in  the war? Again, yes, but only if you’ve been there. War is something that most of us claim to what it is, though we don’t. And thank God we don’t. Are people afraid of war? I think they are. Even though we’re living in a conditionaly peaceful world, the risk of war still exists, it doesn’t go anywhere.

Of course, war is still going on in other countries, but when I talk about war, usually I have in mind huge war, that spreads globally, like WWII. This is scary. And if I had to make a TOP10 or TOP5 list of the things that I’m most afraid of, war would take one of the leading positions.

So,if we all agree that war is something extremely terrifying, bad thing, why this theme is so loved in cinema? It’s because of us. People. It’s about us.

Americans make good war movies, but when it gets to WWII I prefer Russian films. Yes, there might be a lot of propaganda, but Russian people ( well, Soviet people) fought way more than Americans did, and they suffered a huge loss in that war (the number of victims was enormous, and probably there’s no need to explain why), so their presentation of war is more vivid. it shouws not only the war itself, but people in that war: who they are, what they are. Russian have this ability to Draw the line of the human being, fighting, suffering, struggling in that war.

brestskaya-krepost-86 “Brestskaya krepost (Brest Fortress)” – is a great illustration how war can change normal, peaceful life so fastly, that you won’t even get a chance to realise what happened.  I’m not a weeper, but I couldn’t watch this movie calmly. It’s too hard.

And the saddest thing is that you realise that things you’re watching, they really happened… To real people. One moment you see happy people, they are having fun, you see a young family with kids, a Young couple, you see young soldiers, whose life just begun, and they should live on, have a happy life. My God, I’m crying even now, when I’m writing.

But then the war comes. All the bombing, blood, death, it’s so real. It feels like you can smell the scent of mixed dirt, blood, sweat in the heat of the day. Everything is ruined. War steped in. People left without houses, family members, their stuff, their lives. They must hide. Isn’t this the horror, be forced to hide in your own home, where you’ve lived for so long?

Before I watched this movie, I didn’t know about Brest Fortress part of WWII history. Somehow at school we didn’t talk about it. Basically, it was built like a fortress, but people lived there, and it was like a very little town, situated in the fortress. So, here’s another reason why war theme is so popular in cinematography. It gives us a chance to see history.

What fascinated me, was the strenght of the Russian soldier to fight till the end, though there was pretty clear how it’s going to end. Yes, you may say, they had no other choice, it was there duty. It’s easy to say, when you’re not there. None of us know how would we behave in that situation. I don’t.

Another fascinating thing, wa syoung boys character. Though he was just a child, but he was fighting in his own war, the way he understood it. His courage, resolution… He was like a reflection of those things, that sometimes adults don’t have in them. But most importantly that this character has his real prototype.br

The title of this post is the quote from the movie. I just thought it would here. “I imagined war. But I didn’t imagine war… Such a war”. Lot of people imagine war, like you know, you’ll go there and shoot some bad guys. Usually, it doesn’t go like that. Maybe, when Second World War began, people had no idea into what it’s going to grow.

Once again, we shoul be happy that none of this is happening now ( again, globally). And I really wish that people would stop fighting, it’s all not worth it. We have our dark spot in war history, we should learn our lesson and not repeat that mistake again.

P.S. if you want to watch this movie, you can find easily on the Internet or Youtube with English subtitles.


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