The spirit of silent movies in 21st century

MV5BMzk0NzQxMTM0OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzU4MDYyNQ@@__V1_SX640_SY720_Yes, this time it’s going to be about the Oscar – winning film “The Artist”. This is one the ofthose movies that leaves the impression, and that’s exactly the kind of film you can say: “Genial!”. And it was definetly not a stupid idea to create a silent, black – and – white movie. On contrary – it was so smart!

Today, when the biggest part of movies that we all watch are fulfilled with all necessary and unnecessary action, special effects and other stuff, it is such a relieve to watch a movie without all that. And most importantly it’s not boring, it’s bloody interesting.

You’re even able to get the idea of the movie without hearing a dialogue. Because sometimes you get to undersand everything without words. It’s all clear. Of course, for the actors I suppose it was pretty hard to convey all the idea, using only facial expressions, because nowadays it’s relies only on action and dialogues. But they showed the highest level or professionalism and did their job. And the proof of that was all kinds of awards that main actors won (e.g. Jean Dujardin won an Oscar).

I have to mention the soundtrack to this movie. It’s beautiful, it’s more obvious than thousands of words. I don’t know who created music, but that person did a great job. I could easily listen to this soundrack at home, or in the car.

But what is this movie about? This is the story about:

Fame and success.  An actor – artist, who is a very famous. He is the star of silent movies. And how vertiginous a fame be.

Help. When you help someone, and that someone eventually helps you.

Pride. When you’re too proud to change, or take help from someone.

Decline. When everything is ruining around you, and you’re in misery.

Friendship. Someone who is always there for you, and it doesn’t matter that it is just a dog.

Relationship. Between a husband and wife, collegues. All kinds of relationship.

Despair. When everything  is going worse and worse and worse. And the only solution is suicide.

Guilt. Knowing that the person who helped you, is sufferin now.

A light. There’s always a way out from the darkest places.

Life. Normal, regular, as we all know it. With its ups and downs, black and white moments, happy and sad times.

Yes, this movie is about life. Told from one particular charater’s perspective.images

I think, it was great that this movie was made exactly this way, because it gives everyone the chance to see it and understant it, maybe not differently, but individually. And though, there might be sceptics, who might say that it is 21 st century, and there’s no place for silent, not color movies, but why not? It’s great, it’s different and so unusual. I personally would be happy to watch time after time these kind of movies.

Of course, if everybody would start making these movies, it would get bored. But that’s probably won’t happen, because it’s relatively harder to create movies like “The Artist”. I won’t get into all the details about this movie, because to see how great it is , you must see it, and it’ll be all clear for you.


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