Two interesting things about “300”

MV5BMjAzNTkzNjcxNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDA4NjE3__V1_SX640_SY720_The title prompts that this post will be about “300” movie. I actually remember when it came out, everybody talked about this film. The promotion of it was huge. Was it all worth that? I don’t know. I didn’t enjoy watching it much. It wasn’t THAT interesting to me. It was too dark, in all ways. But there is a few things about this movie, that prevents me from saying that it is SO NOT INTERESTING.

First thing: a women. Though this is a fictionalized story, but still about ancient times,  about Sparta. We all know in social situation ( and allothers, as well) were women. Their place was at home with kids. They couldn’t be involved in whatever their husbands were doing. Pretty sad. But that’s the reality of that time.

But the Queen Gorgo ( the Queen of Sparta and wife of King Leonidas) behaved a little bit different. When she found out that her husband with the army are in danger, SHE decided to do something to help them out. So, basically she decided to step into the men’s world. Brave! And also so not ancien Greek style. 🙂

The sad thing, is that there always is a bad guy, who tries to ruin everything. This time it was Theron who was like: “If you sleep with me, my Queen, I’ll help you at the Spartan council”. Yeah, right! And there was nothing left to for a woman in despair.

But of course, he wasn’t thinking about helping her, he betrayed her in front of all the council members. But here she untitleddid something, that a normal woman of that time and society wouldn’t do ( or couldn’t): he killed him. So, whose place at the kitchen now?

You see, here a woman is shown as a completely, 100 percent devoted, loyal wife to her husband. A husband that can count on a wife like Queen Gorgo, no matter what happens, or where he or she will be. Maybe it’s not all that good, but  the point is that it’s important that married people could rely on each other know matter what. Again, there might be execptions.

But it’s not right, when a wife or husbands is dealing with some difficulties, the other is , like “OK, it’s your problems, it doesn’t concern me, I’m out of hear!”.  That’s not how marriage should work. And, if all this is shown in a movie about ancient times, it doesn’t mean it’s not working nowadays. It does, all these values remain the same in all times.

Second thing: an inspiration. What inspiration, you’ll ask. Well, for sportsmen. I know, that a movie “300” was shown for a national basketball team of Lithuania as an educational/inspirational material before the game at the “FIBA Basketball World Cup”. I know it might sound a bit weird or even funny, but still back in 2010 they won bronze medal. I don’t know how much watching “300” has to do with it, but I gues at least a little bit it has.

Why this movie? I don’t know how much strategical stuff you can learn from this movie (and moreover, use them in basketball), but I sure know it can inspire to win no matter what. Because when 300 passionate soldiers are going to fight way way way bigger army of enemies, there is a chance to win. And if not win, then at least fight, do not give easily and lose worthily.

La_selección_de_Lituania_celebra_su_tercer_puesto_en_el_Mundial_de_baloncesto_2010If we go back to the case of Lithuania, in 2010 she fought as a very passionate soldier. In its group Linhuanians won agains all the other teams in itts group, in round of 16 and quarter- finals they also won. They lost only once at “FIBA Basketball World Cup” to Americans at semi-finals. And we know how strong is/was American national basketball team. But still they fought like a real soldiers, and lost worthily.

So, these are those things that I found interesting about this movie. They are different, not related, but still interesting. Hopefully, you’ll find them interesting as well.


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