John Irving. He knows how to surprise.

Movies, movies, movies. Let’s leave them aside for a while and go back to books. Yes,  this time I’ll be talking about a book. Though, I know that the last time I wrote about books was months ago, but in my defense there are reasons for that. The main one is that to watch a movie is relatively easier than to read a book, and it takes less time. But that’s not the point. The point is the book.

Hardcover_Trying_to_Save_Piggy_SneedAnd this time the book is called “Trying to save Piggy Sneed” by John Irving ( as you probably already noticed I have a huge sympathy for this author). So, if you had a chance to read some of Irving’s book, but you haven’t read this one, then I’ll let you know that “Trying to save Piggy Sneed” completely differs from all the other J.Irving’s books.

Why? Well, because here you’ll find a collection of short stories, not one particular story that lasts all book long. And this book gives us (readers) a chance to see and learn things about the author. Because in this book he put some personal stories. Like, for example,  what made, influenced him to become a writer.

I don’t know, maybe, for others these things aren’t important, but since I’ve read lot of his books, I took the chance to learn something about the author from his own words, books. And one thong surprised me. J

John Irving and Charles Dickens: is there a connection?

As a matter of fact there is! When I found out this thing I was pretty excited; and this connection let me  look at John Irving differently.

I won’t talk about stuff like what makes Irving as a writer look different from other writers, because things like these can be easily found on the internet. I’ll just go straight to the point.

An essay. A John Irving’s essay dedicated to Charles Dickens and his book “Great expectations”, that can be found in “Trying to save Piggy Sneed”. See what I’m trying to tell? No? OK, moving on.

Even though, I’m a fan of Irving’s work for quite a long time, I had no idea about his attitude towards Dickens. I read “Great expectations” last summer ( you can read my post about it, as well) and that book fascinated me. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever  read. And after some time, I was reading a little bit about John Irving and found out that Charles Dickens had a huge influence on him and that particulary “Great expectations” changed his life (at least, that’s what he said on one his interview). Wow!

I know it might sound stupid, but I felt kind of nice, that we share sympathy to the same writer. But know, when I read “Trying to save Piggy Sneed”, I’ve started to respect Irving even more. He wrote such a great essay about Dickens and “Great expectations”. This essay and analysis of “Great expectations”, explaining why Dickens was writing certain things, or why he brought up some issues. And moreover, Irving in this essay was explaining all these things and illustrating them with true facts from Dickens’s biography. And that was really awesome! Now I don’t know what to expect from him. It was just such an unexpected surprise, but at the same time such a nice surprise.

So, basically “Trying to save Piggy Sneed” could be a perfect intro for those, who have never read anything by John Irving. But it would be more interesting to read this book if you’re familiar with his works. This way is more interesting.


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