When things get complicated

I like relationship. Being in one or just observing them is interesting. You get a chance to see all kinds of situations that people can MV5BMjQ0NjM2NTI4N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjQ2MDc5Mg@@._V1_SX640_SY720_get into. You can learn about people you are in a relationship with; good or bad they are, etc. It’s like a practical psychology class, where you analyze the way people behave.

It’s interesting. It really is. And on some level it’s useful. But the thing I want to talk this time is the romantic relationship. Some sort of a Love triangle. 🙂 What inspired me this time? A movie. Big surprise 🙂. A movie called “It’s complicated”. I must say the title is picked very accurately.

When we talk about love triangles it always gets complicated. I think it’s almost impossible to be in relationship with two people at once and keep the situation uncomplicated. Because, you have to hide stuff, keep being careful so certain people wouldn’t see you with your second half. And, you know, it’s pretty stressful.

But if we talk about this specific movie (in which Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin starred, I don’t know why I’ve mentioned this 🙂 ), it’s not enough that there appears a love triangle, but spiciest thing is between whom it happens.

Let’s clear up some things:

1)      There is she – Jane. She is a long – ago divorced woman, who has a three adult kids.

2)      There is a he – Jake. Janes ex-husband, he’s now married to a younger woman with whom he used to cheat on Jane. ( So far, everything is pretty clear J ).

3)      Then there’s another he – Adam. He’s also divorced ( not that long-ago as a Jane). He is Jane’s architect to whom she starts to have feelings.

4)      And there’s another she – Jake’s current wife.images

So, basically here we can talk about two love triangles, or one square. Personally, I prefer to talk about triangles, it’s just easier.

So the first triangle: Jane, Jake and Adam.

Won’t get it into details, so I’ll just begin with the fact that Jane starts a romance with her ex. And pretty much about that time Adam enters into her life. So, she’s like with Adam, but at the same time she’s with Jake and that’s like cheating on Adam.

What are the problems here? Well, first of specifically in this movie was the fact that cheating or not telling the truth to someone, who divorced not very long ago isn’t good. Person who had to go through divorce is not so confident as he might used to be. And this situation might decrease his self – confidence even more. And if you’re not sure about your feelings, be honest about it. Don’t let someone to build an empty illusion that something might happen. At least that’s my opinion.

I might be wrong, but I think fairness works better than lies. And after all being fair, prevents you from being hated by someone. Well, at least you’ll do everything to prevent yourself.

The second problem about this triangle is kids. They saw what their mother went through after divorce, how hard it was for her. And they suffered themselves a lot as well And getting their parents together would mean that all the sad experience might happen again. So, it’s like some kind of uncertainty would get back into their lives.

Actually, I loved one phrase from the movie, which was told by one of the kids why they’re not happen that their parents are together again: “Because we’re still getting over the divorce!”. That says a lot I think.

The second triangle: Jane, Jake and Jake’s wife.

Even though in this situation Jake’s wife was the reason why Jake and Jane got divorced, and you (well, we all can) say that she got what she deserves, it’s still not a good thing.

Maybe Jane’s character took a revenge on Jake’s wife, maybe. But IF, let’s say, Jane did it on purpose, then she just dishonored herself. I mean what’s the point of revenge after 10 years? If there was know point of taking a revenge on that woman right after you got divorced, so why do it know?

These are my hypothetical questions; this was not a case in movie. I’ve just brought it up, ‘cause, you know, these things happen in real life.

The biggest issue in this particular love triangle is that now Jane is the lover of the married man. Now she is the reason why one marriage can be ruined. So, the point of the main question here is: “Do you really want to be the kind of woman that ruined YOUR family and hurt YOU and YOUR children?”

Boy, did I went to far? I know I talked using a lot of examples from this movie. And though it’s a romantic comedy, but it shows a those real life situations, that any of us could get into so easily. So, the reason why I talked about this, is probably because I think people would think things over for several times before they get into these kind of relationship.

Situation shown in the movie is like an example, guidance for your conscious. And what would you do, if you were in these character’s shoes. I know what I would. I think.


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