Something new to start 2014 with

Well, New Year has finally started. Hopefully, this year will be better than the last year, or at least equally good. So, since it’s the beginning of 2014, I think it’s the right time for me to introduce you with something new. Maybe different. After all a New Year is a new beginning. 🙂

Since the day I’ve started AfterLeTheNotes blog, I’ve discussed some of the movies ( I can’t say a lot of movies yet). Basically, all of them are the production of Hollywood. But as we all know there are lots of other movies that are non-American, and somehow people aren’t very enthusiastic to discuss them. And I don’t know why.

Artefakt-filmSo, I did some thinking about it, and decided to change it, as much as I can. And the start of a brand new year is the best time for that. And the first movie I’d love to talk about is Russian movie called “Artefakt” (Артефакт).

 First of all, why Russian movie. Well, probably because Russian cinematography has a pretty huge history. And they have a lot of really good, strong movies. Besides, watching foreign movies ( in my case in Russian) is a good language practice. 🙂

Second of all, why THIS movie. I get this question pretty often when I pick one or another movie. Usually, as well as now, I don’t have a clear answer why. I just pick it, most often for no reason. Just like that.

Anyways, “Artefakt”. This is the kind of movie, that a person will either get bored or really interested in. But most probably bored. Because of its plot and dynamic. Shortly, it’s the story of two people meeting. There is HE, who has his history, which is pretty tragic; he also is the creator of this weird program of this Other reality called Artefakt. And there is SHE. She is a photojournalist, a bit excentric, a bit rude. So the two of them meet and travel to the south of Russia.

All the action ( if we can call it that) happens on the road. They meet all the minor characters while traveling. And of course HE and SHE fall in love with each other at the end.

So, what’s interesting about the movie? I found it interesting the way the whole story is posed. That two strangers decide to travel together and more or less all movie long they are driving. Weird. And while driving they learn much about each other; seems like if they weren’t on the road they wouldn’t be able to get together. Same destination was the thing that united them. And everything that happens to them on the road is like challenges that they must ge through. Together.

Another interesting thing for me was the role of minor characters. They used to occur once in a while, bringing some sort of chaos, but that’s all. Still it was the story about HIM and HER. Basically, there was a lot of other characters, but at the same time if they would be absent, it wouldn’t have changed anything. Everything would be pretty much the same.

Movie is also about the relationship between two adults. Because you know, when you’re bit older than 40 you have your past baggage. And it impacts you and your possible relationship. And all this is shown in this movie. Again, it’s not a straight story, where you can say: “Oh yeah, it’s so obvious!”. No. Pretty often you have to read between the lines to get the story right. And that would be one of the reasons why this might seem like a boring movie.

So, if someone will be keen to see this film, go ahead. If not, well, at least you’ll know about the existence about this film, which is also a good thing. You know it’s always interesting to learn something new. Or give yourself a challenge. 🙂

* All the links are to information in Russian language. Sorry, couldn’t find anything in English.


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