The magic of Christmas

Christmas is finally here! I don’t know why, but for me Christmas holiday becomes more and more beautiful, as I get older. Christmas time is such a wonderful time, when everyone around you are becoming ( or at least trying to become) better. Yeah, I love Christmas. the beginning of December I start to think about Christmas, though it’s pretty early. Then I wait for all the shops and supermarkets to start decorating its exterior and interior. Even though, each year those decorations remain exactly the same, I still wait for them. You just wait for these things, even despite the fact that after three weeks you might be sick and tired from them. But you keep waiting… Maybe, there will be something different this year.

Maybe this whole waiting thing is something from childhood. You know when we used to wait for Santa Claus and presents. Maybe…But hey, it’s still nice.

I don’t know how about the rest of you, but I personally can’t imagine my Christmas without snow. Snow is like a vital need, especially on Christmas. When there’s a lot of snow outside it looks oh so magical, just like a fairy tale came true! And when you go out in the city, where you you can see all these Christmas lights shining… It’s hard to describe the feeling. Magical, truly magical.

Snow is a like a decoration that Mother Nature gives us not only for the holidays, but on holiday time it is especially noticeable. So the more snow on Christmas, the better! Speaking about the snow, one more thing is appreciated. the evening comes, it is so romantic and beautiful just sit by the window and watch how the snow is gently falling down. This is like the best picture of all the winter season.

But Christmas wouldn’t be a Christmas without miracles. And no, by miracle I don’t mean a very expensive present. Presents are nice to get, as well as give, but it shouldn’t the main point of the Christmas, because Christmas time we should more value and cherish the ability to spend time with the ones we love. This is what should be the point of Christmas.

But let’s talk about miracles. I don’t know about you, but all this time before Christmas ( most of the December) is a bit strange period of time. Not bad, on contrary – good. But still strange. You see, the thing is, that exactly with the beginning of December people start to behave really good, or they do something, that I would not expect them to do ever. And this happens every year. At the same time.

I mean, I can’t complain about something good happening. But when it happens, I just ask myself : “Why couldn’t he/she do it all year long?” or “Why people keep being good or generous only at certain occasions?”.

Maybe that’s what people are. Being good for Christmas, giving flowers for wife on her birthday. Maybe… But it’s probably better this way, especially when you know you can’t change it globally. But then again, we’re able to start changing from ourselves.

Yeah, Christmas time is great. It makes us be better, even just for a while. I love Christmas, I really do. And I wish the same to all of you, to love Christmas, not because of presents or good food we cook these days, but because it’s great holiday for all of us, for our souls, to find peace and harmony and reunite with ourselves and the ones we love! Happy Christmas, everyone!

P.S. With all the best wishes I’m sending you a little bit of Frank Sinatra. Somehow my Christmas this year sounds like this 🙂


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