Honey, I’ve cheated on you!

A little bit strange title, but in this case it’ll work. Why? Wait and you’ll see.

r568238_3486923“44 Inch Chest” one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen. There’s no action, just a bunch of middle aged, old men sitting around and talking, discussing, remembering. What is this movie about? Well, mostly about being unfaithful and what damage this causes.

To give you the more clear impression of the movie, I’ll tell you the story in a few sentences. The main character finds out from his wife that she cheated on him with other man, he gets furious, beats her, she runs away. He tells his friends what happened and they suggest to kidnap the bastard and kill him. They kidnap that guy, and keep him in some abandoned house, but they won’t kill him. Instead,all movie long there are plenty of talking how hurt the main character is, how he loves his wife. We also get to see a lot flashbacks and memories what exactly happened when the wife told the truth about her affair.

I understand that it must be truly painful to find out that your wife is cheating on you with a younger man. But good God, do you have to beat the woman for that, or kidnap the other person? It’s not right. This kind of situation should be managed somehow different. You cannot behave like some kind of drama queen and be like “If you’re not mine, you won’t be anyone else’s!”.

I’m not defending a woman for being unfaithful, I mean, after all, I suppose we all agree that this isn’t good, but sadly these things happen. And there’s nothing we can do about it. Though, in this particular situation, I think she made a right decision to tell the truth to her husband.

Because when you spend so many years with a person (it doesn’t matter married or not) and if you fall in love with someone else, or you just stop loving your partner and you can’t see you two living together anymore, I think to tell him/her about it is the best what you can do.

Yes, it might hurt him/her. But wouldn’t it hurt more, if you lied to him/her, or if the partner would know about your feelings or affair? I mean, when you spend so many years together with someone, and if you ever loved him/her, telling the truth is the least what you can do for that person.

I might be wrong, but that’s what I think. If there’s nothing that could possibly hold you in a relationship – say it. Eventually, your partner understand it.

And what about the kids, you may ask. Well, sure there might be kids.But do you really think that if, for example, is over, kids could possibly be the reason to save it? I don’t think so. Of course, I’m saying it’s a general thing, there are lots of exceptions. I’m just saying that keep being married for the sake of kids it’s not a good idea. If parents feel miserable, kids see those things and they feel miserable and unhappy too. So, then it’s better to live separately and give children a chance to feel happy with both of the parents separately, though at first it might be hard.

Anyways, though the movie is pretty boring, but you can analyze some psychological aspects of the man, whose wife cheated on him.


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