It’s all about the maid of honor!

1 dress, 2 dresses, 3, 4, 5, … 27 dresses! That is how many the main heroine of the movie „27 dresses“ collected after each wedding, where she was a maid of honor. Crazy? Maybe! Depends from what angle you’re looking at the situation.

The meaning of the wedding

And by wedding I mean the whole ceremony of matrimony and party afterwards. 🙂 Have I ever been at the wedding myself? Yes,MV5BMzI5OTM0OTg2MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjAyMTU1MQ@@._V1_SX214_ once. When I was little. It was not as fancy as we get to see in movie, but still that was a wedding with a bride, a groom, white dress and everything else.And seemed to be a special the day.

I understand why wedding is important for the bride and the groom (their parents probably too :)), but why it should be important to the maid of honor, that’s kind of a mystery . Well, sure if the maid of honor is related by blood to bride or maybe even groom, then everything is pretty clear. But what if not?

If we have in mind the heroine of the movie „27 dresses“, well, for her wedding is an important event and it always was. She (and of course there are plenty of people who thinks the same) thinks that wedding is one the biggest, the most beautiful, meaningful moments in life. I think it’s beautiful. Especially when nowadays people are skeptical about marriage and wedding.

It’s great that people think getting marry is still a good thing, that it’s not just an stamp in a passport. That it means something more than that. And that having a beautiful (it doesn’t have to be fancy or luxurious) is a nice experience that you may remember all your life.

So, basically being a permanent maid of honor is not weird. It’s more like the way a person expreses her believes towards marriage.

Who am I to judge?


If somewhere out there is a real person who likes being a maid of honor, and get a chance to meet her, I don’t think I could judge her having such kind of a hobby. I mean really, how can you judge someone just because he/she likes it? I don’t have in mind things, that people can go to jail for :).

But seriously what’s so crazy about being maid of honor every Saturday? Getting dressed (in the movie the main character keeps all the dresses from all the weddings she’s been at), have your hair done? It’s fun. It’s like working in fashion industry and partying at someone’s wedding!

See, even I got excited about this thing. Fun, fun, fun. So, you what romantic comedies makes me think about? But it’s good. Good that romantic comedies makes us think at all, because according, to some people, romantic comedies are dull. Are they? I don’t think so. Well, at least not this one. There are few interesting things to discuss about this movie. What are they? If you’ll watch, you will find out :).


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