Christmas season is open!

Every family, every person has its own Christmas traditions. It’s good, I like that people are are keeping traditions alive. It’s some sort of a chain, that connects to who you are, where you from, to your ancestors. Traditions are part of us, our culture. I try to keep my family traditions alive as well. But you know, there are certain things that come into our lives as traditions sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. And by this I mean movies.

 Each year on every holiday television channels are offering us to watch certain movies: Halloween movies, Independence day movies, etc. Probably the most popular are Christmas movies. So, that’s what I want to talk about. Specifically, about one. And I’m pretty sure you’ll know this one. 🙂

Christmas time = being left at home alone

Home_Alone_2Yes, it’s „Home alone“. I know there are plenty of people who are sick and tired of this movie, which for more than 20 years is aired on TV before/on Christmas. I understand them, and I totally do not judge them. But for me, this whole Christmas season would be not the same if this movie wouldn’t be shown on TV.

This year, for certain reasons, I missed the first part of „Home alone“, but watched the second part. Thing is, that somehow watching this movie became like one of my Christmas traditions. I don’t remember when was the first I saw „Home alone“, and it feels as it was all the time as I remember. I think this is one of the movies that I grew up with, and that might be the reason why I can’t stop watching it on Christmas.

Or maybe, this movie helps me to save that child in me. You know, keeps present me connected with me of the past. I think it’s not a bad thing. It’s good when we bring something from our childhood that is valuable to us. Even if this is only a movie.

But when I think about it, there is another explanation too. You see, now, when everything changes so extremely fastly and there’s nothing left permanent, holding up to these habits, tradition, whatever you call them, makes you feel secure about certain things. That not everything changes, that there still is things that stay the same year after year, after year. Yeah… That’s what it is.

Another thing is, that I can’t think of any other movie of the recent years, that I’m watching on a certain occasion every year. Maybe, nowadays movies aren’t the same like they used to be, or maybe we are different. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s still pretty great if you have your own beloved movies from your childhood and you still watch them no matter how old you are now. And hey, if your favourite one is „Home alone“ high-five!!!

 P.S. I hope you all are about to have great Christmas this year! 🙂


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