„Hangover“: triple force

It’s been months since my last post here. You have know idea how I missed my blog. Due to my huge business with all my studies I had no time to keep „After Le The Notes“ updated. But now I’m back! 🙂 And I’m back with triple force – „Hangover“ trilogy! Yup, I watched all three parts 🙂 . What can I say? Well, it was extremely hilarious! But let me tell about each part separately.

The very beginning

0Before watching first „Hangover“ part I had a lot of expectations, because I saw a trailer of this movie, which promised something extremely good, I heard a lot of comments from my friends about this movie and how great it was. So, it really was promising a lot. And you know what, it didn’t disappoint me at all.

I mean sure, at some point it’s a cheesy comedy, full of ( sometimes lame), but mostly drunk and dirty jokes. But, hey, let’s be honest, we ALL love this kind of humor and movies ( well, at least sometimes we do). I do, and you can judge me all you want, it won’t change.

Besides, those who say that they don’t like hangover type jokes and that they prefer only these fancy intellectual jokes, well they lie. At least I’m pretty sure they do. Because to understand an intellectual joke you have to be educated on some level, be willing to understand these smart ass jokes. And primitive jokes… Well, everybody gets them, because they’re understandable easilyJ.

 But let’s get back to the movie. It was sooo funny and unexpected. It was like joke – joke- another joke. But most importantly, I’ve learned that mixing alcohol with drugs, bachelor party and being in Las Vegas is not good. Weirdest things might happen. You know,you might steal Mike Tyson’s tiger. It’s not good.

Second round: it’s Thailand, baby!

Well the second part of „Hangover“ movie wasn’t THAT funny as the first one and as I was expecting. Of course it had funny the-hangover-part-ii-originalmoments, but basically it was all the same as in first part. Only difference was the everything happened in Thailand.

So, watching the second part was like hearing this little voice in your head constantly repeating: „that happened in the first part“, „that also happened in the first part“ . You see, this is why I can’t say that second part is equally funny as the first one. 

So, I don’t really see a reason why should I discuss more on a second „Hangover“ part. All I can say, is that it’s a copy of the first movie, which still has funny jokes in it and the golden rule „mixing alcohol with drugs, bachelor party and being in Las Vegas is not good“ still works. 🙂

Back to Vegas

film_detail_hangover3_1240x703Yup, the boys got back where everything started. Only in this part everything started a little bit differently. This time it wasn’t about the bachelor party. Now it was more about Alan, who had some serious psychological/behavioral/loosing father problems.

But things turned the way that boys got back to Vegas.

Third part, in my opinion, was better than the second, but still worse than the first one. And the saddest thing was, it wasn’t fun enough for me. Oh well.

Alan: the wierdo with a beardo

I don’t know how about you, but I think character of Alan rocked this movie. It’s amazing how this kind of character is able to 6a00d8341bf6c153ef01156fc3e0bf970c-800widrive all the movie. He’s middle aged, lonely, obviously having some sort of serious psychological problems, or is either extremely spoiled or has some kind of intellectual disability. But at the same time he seems to be the smartest guy in the movie, who has interest in all these philosophical – Buddhistic things.

What makes Alan’s character so special, I think is that we all know this kind of personality in our environment. Maybe we have a relative like Alan, o r friend, or maybe our friend has relative like Alan. Either way, Alan isn’t a stranger to us. And that what makes this character so funny. Say all you want but I’ll keep holding my thumbs up for Alan. 🙂


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