„In the Name of the King“: second round

As promised, I watched „In the Name of the King“ sequel – „In the name of the King: Two Worlds“. What can I say about in the namethis one? Well, this part is even worse than the first one. My mom (with whom I was watching the film) said: „This film is completely lame. Even Dolph Lundgren couldn‘t save it“. I must say, I agree with her.

What exactly made this movie suck? In my opinion, it was a wrong decision to combine two different periods of time in one movie. It was like our days plus „it happened long long  ago and far far away“.

Of course, you can say so incompatible about it and I‘ll answer – nothing. BUT in this particular case it was a bad idea.It seemed like creators haven‘t thought all things through.

The plot? Nothing really fancy. I won‘t even bother to tell it in details. I mean, if you still want to see this movie, go ahead and do it. And if you don‘t you can click on link and read about it. 🙂

But let‘s move on on a specific things that caught my attention (unfortunately not in a good way). So, here‘s the thing: it‘s a scene where Lundgren‘s character is accompanied to the place where he can have a rest, and when he lies down in bed he finds a woman lying there already. And (hold on!) she says to him, that it would be the greatest honour for her to have sex with him (???). Really? The biggest honour of your life?

So how miserable a life can be, that sex with a strange man (from the future) could make your life honourable? Anyway, it’s a very interesting point of view from creators. But not a respectful one.

I mean you can easily get the impresion that woman’s ( not from our time, but whatever) life is so meaningless and primitive that only sex can bring some significance to it. Yeah, that’s probably something I won’t be able to agree with, because I don’t think this would be right (no matter what  periods of time we’re talking about, because what isn’t right, it’s not right in all times).

So, I held my word. I saw a worthless ( again, in my opinion, I’m not trying to convine you with anything) movie. I’ve noticed some things, told you about them and now it’s all up to you what to do about this movie: watch or not to watch it.


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