“A thought will color a world for us.” – Theodore Dreiser „Sister Carrie“

A beautiful quote, isn‘t it? Actually the whole „Sister Carrie“ novel was beautiful. Moreover, it‘s a brilliant book. Even sister-carriethough I‘m a bit sceptical about, let‘s call it classical literature, but  it really kicks modern literature‘s ass. I‘m telling you. This book had everything: poor girl tries her luck in a big city, love affairs, cheating, lying, divorce (!), etc. But there are some specific things I want to discuss more widely, so I’m going to split it into different topics.

A successful first novel

Yes, “Sister Carrie” was the first Dreiser’s novel. It came a little bit as shock to me to find out this information, because it’s to good to be FIRST novel. It’s so realistic, vivid and the way he describes places and portrays characters, it’s… I don’t know how to say it… Magnificent, there, I found the right word! I have no idea how many other writing stuff he has done before “Sister Carrie”, but if it’s his first try, then he’s a genius.

He narrated the whole story through years. He let the reader see how his characters change while the time goes by, while circumstances of life changes. Dreiser in this particular book gives you a chance you to see how a person, who’s having pretty much all, can reach a bottom. I mean, what I’m trying to say is  that Theodore Dreiser created a story, characters  in which more or less each of us can easily recognize ourselves or the ones we know well.

Even though I’m truly fascinated by this novel, but there are still a few things that caught my attention as the ones that could have been corrected. Yes, there was a few . Charcters life development, that’s what could have been changed a bit.

Throughout the story Dreiser introduces a lot of different types of characters. But as you probably know, the main ones were Carrie and Hurstwood, so the story mostly unwinded around these two. However, as a reader, I was introduced with other characters whose appearance in story started ( I’m talking about Carrie’s sister and her husband, Druet), but ended pretty pale, or as I say didn’t even end. The characters were just cut out of the story without knowing what happened to them: we don’t know what happened to Carrie’s sister and her family when she left, as well as we don’t know how Druet reacted when Carrie and Hurstwood ran away. We don’t know some details that would be very interesting and would bring more colours to the story. But this some sort of inaccuracy is forgivable, because it’s, as I already said, the very first novel of the author.

I don’t like Carrie

Obviously not the book, but the character. Well, to be more precise, I don’t like the kind of women like Carrie, behaving that way. She ( Carrie) is like some kind of stooge, who on some level sells herself for things, like nice dresess. One man wiles her, another one wiles and she accepts things. I mean, for the love of God woman, have some self respect, think with your ouw head! Don’t be some sort of a tramp.

Sadly, but these days situation remains pretty much the same. There are women who are just like Carrie. But I don’t like this type. I respect women who has their own opinion, who are able to make a tough decisions and who, even though, don’t have a man are still able to find their own place under sun, are able to work and earn money and most importantly can build their own welfare. Carrie isn’t that kind of woman. Well, at least at the end of the book she becomes self – sufficient. That’s good . For her.

Ultimate remarks

MV5BMTI1NjAzNjkzMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODgzNDcyMQ@@__V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_To sum up, it’s a really good book. Interesting thing is that at the time I was finishing reading this book, I found out that there a movie based on this novel. “Carrie” ( a film  ) was released in 1952, so it’s a pretty old one, but maybe some time I would love to see how the movie creators conveyed the story. But not now. Not yet. I don’t want to disperse this great impression I got from reading a novel. So once again, great novel. Attaboy, Theodore Dreiser!!!


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